Tuesday, December 22, 2009


god, i can't believe i spent almost the whole day reading this . not that i''m crazy over it you know . it's just something that once you started reading it, you can't stop . don't mistook me for someone who's crazy over comics please .

take a look at this guy . MALE LEAD .

damn it . have you seen anyone so flawless and hot like him ? no !! *though i wish there is .
how can anyone be this perfect, tell me . sad that he's not real . -.-

anyway, right, to talk about comics . although the characters are super attractive i admit, they should have some creativity, you know . hmm .. let's say, this :

let me ask you, anyone can tell me it's exactly the same person as the previous one isn't it ? but it's not ! that's one problem with comics . see, they draw characters with the same eyes nose, mouth until people can't recognise who they are and often mistaken them for different characters .

well the only way they chose to differentiate the characters are that :
1) hair colour . [black or white]
2) whether they wear specs or not .

well the two ways are used by majority . some used ways like:
1)hair style
2)eye size
which i think would a better choice because people can tell the contrast or differences easier, really .

sometimes, they have so many characters that they ran out of ways to differentiate the characters so the characters look exactly the same . and then i'm lost
so complicated !!

so i finally finished reading although i'm lost a little somewhere but didn't bother to .. you know . zZZ

ps: christmas special post coming up soon ;)

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