My Short Malacca Getaway - Part 1

Saturday, November 08, 2014

It is not always that we are able to find the time to get away from your stressful lives for a long period of time. But I was very excited to get away from it all for at least a short amount of time to ditch those bad thoughts and enjoy picture-taking, good food and family time at a different place- Malacca.

Come to think of it, if I remember correctly, the last time I went to Malacca was when I was in primary school, with the whole school. Hmm when I was approximately 11 or 12 maybe? SO LONG AGO.

When I went again, I don't remember seeing those things at all. Haha probably because we didn't visit those places. I only recall going to lots of kampong and looking at plants and also getting lots of red patches thanks to mosquitoes.

I definitely don't remember the humid weather! Could be due to the different period of the year we decided to go.

You know, we really need to practice looking at the lens than the screen when we take a selfie -.-
Our first stop was of course, our breakfast. It was pretty satisfying, I have to say. Great recommendation by my uncle!
We always head to Malaysia with him because he's very much familiar with the place.

I think majority of the people would agree that having pig blood curd is a must when you head to Malaysia especially if you're a Singaporean because they're not available here. So my family always have those when they head to Malaysia.

So of course my uncle knew my parents' interests at heart.
I personally don't find pig blood curd that fascinating; taste-wise. Neither does my sister. Haha. It is tasteless to me. I don't get why the adults liked it so much. Maybe it's because of the texture. I suppose you could say that the texture is kind of unique in its own way.

We were really hungry at the point in time and was going to go for rice but my uncle said that their noodles are really something so we couldn't pass up on the chance to try that.
From the looks of it, it looked really plain and simple but the sauce goes really well with the noodles and the noodles were cooked well. A choice well-made indeed!

 I wouldn't recommend the dish that is in the top left hand corner, though. The vegetables were not flavourful enough. I think it was a sour-spicy kind of dish.

Sights of beautiful mountains and clouds on our way

I was sweating profusely the moment I stepped out of the car. *ohkay, maybe i'm exaggerating. JUST A LITTLE.
But really, the weather was... I could say, probably hotter than in Singapore. I felt really uncomfortable and sticky all over with all the sweat. 

We looked for about 3 or 5 hotels nearby but they were all full. Also, we came across a very rude Malaysia who appeared to be very racist. While we were looking for those small hotels as another alternative, he said, "You guys are from Singapore right? These hotels aren't suitable for you. You should go to those 5-star hotels." (along those lines)
I wasn't that bothered by it at first but the more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got. -.- Wouldn't you be too? 

For your information, we settled for a small hotel that is about 2-4 stories high. It was impossible to find a 5-star hotel to stay in when you didn't book in advance. We learnt our lesson...
But the hotel we settled for wasn't that bad! 

COST: RM 300+ for a night.
Parking: FREE
WIFI: Yes (only on the 1st floor)

They provide you with free parking at this heaps cool carpark. The first thing I thought of was how cool it would be to take OOTDs here. Haha

Not bad, huh? I mean, for a small hotel room that is only about 4 stories high, they sure have a lot of resources. I sure did not expect a bathtub and a balcony. The towels and soap came as a surprise too.

My uncle and his family were in the other room and they faced one problem through the night, though. They said their air-conditioner were not cold enough. Ours worked fine. Haha, lucky us.

After resting for a bit, we headed out for some desserts at Jonker Street which is about 15 mins walk away from out hotel.
I heard that a must-try dessert to try had to be chendol.

Actually saw a lot of interesting shops at Jonker Street like the antique shop filled with lots of amazing vintage pieces of treasure. I was only allowed to take a picture outside but it was good enough to wow you, isn't it?

Just a word of precaution: There are wayyyy too many shops claiming that they have the best/most original chendol so you have to be careful which one to pick.

We got fooled by the crowd in this particular shop that sells a wide variety of desserts. It was a wrong choice. Their chendol wasn't all that amazing in my family's opinion...

(you may try it if you're not convinced)
A bottle of coke in the scorching weather feels like heaven in your mouth

It was still pretty early after we are done with those little snacks. While waiting for the night life to emerge, it's time to explore!
Love for pretty sunsets

I think i'll leave you with a beautiful picture of this gorgeous sunset I caught before night starts. Now that i'm done with exams, stay tuned for more posts to come and of course, part 2 of this trip! 
I have sooooo many things to share with you about the night craze ;)

 Hope you are as juiced up as I am!!!!!

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