Southwest Tavern with The Entertainer

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm sure the the title of this post sounds confusing to you but it'll all make sense if you continue reading! There is a great deal that I'm going to share with you so stick with me (:

A few months ago *I do realise how backlogged my blog posts can be -.-, I had my virgin experience at Southwest Tavern with my family. It was a very cool place overall with great ambiance (cowboy themed restaurant), serving Western food.

I had an awesome app on hand that I wanted to make the best use of aka THE ENTERTAINER APP. Because of this app which offers a ONE-FOR-ONE offer, my family and I got 2 dishes off the total bill!

4 USA Prime Grade CAB Ribeye 300gms -
$38 x 4 = $152
$152 - $76 = $76

*sorry for all the Math but it's necessary! Look at how much it saved us! 

This is how my redeemed offer looks like (:

Pardon the poor quality but it's enough to show how cool the place is! 
Their Ribeye steak was actually pretty good. The only thing I can criticise about is the fats that comes with the steak. Some parts of it gets really hard to chew. But when you get the ones that are good to chew, it tasted heavenly. 

If you're interested to know more about the place and what they have to offer, you can visit their website at : 
*This is the part where you pay attention 

Seeing as 2014 is coming to an end, the offers available on my Entertainer app will be coming to an end as well because it was for one whole year. However, nothing to be sad about because the new Entertainer 2015 Singapore App has just been launched! 

Happy? Happy? *you should be

This 2015 edition includes even more BUY ONE GET ONE FREE vouchers to an even more exciting array of dining, travel and lifestyle deals! *yes, it's not just food
There are over 1,000 merchants on board including Au Petit Salut, Wendy’s, Toby’s Estate, Spa Artisan, True Fitness, and Banyan Tree.

Best of all, the price of this app has been REDUCED to SGD$60 & SGD$75 for the book, offering a better value to all of you! 
Go get yourselves the app now and spend money as you save -

If you would like to know more about how this app works, I have a blog post about it -

That is not all. 
If my social platforms get the most reshares/comments, 5 of my readers will get to win the app each for FREE.

Here are the links to the posts on my social media platforms to RESHARE/RT/COMMENT (:


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