Spizzico Ristorante Italiano Food Review

Thursday, July 04, 2013

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I know not all of us are rich to ALWAYS dine at classy restaurants. But we all know there are certain occasions where you would like to make exceptions.

For e.g. Bf/Gf anniversary, Mother's/Father's Day, when you got your pay for the very first time, birthdays and the list goes on...

Today, I introduce you to SPIZZICO, a classy restaurant which could be somewhere special for you to celebrate your occasion in.

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Spizzico Ristorante Italiano
From the name itself, I am sure it is pretty obvious that it is an Italian Restaurant. It is an Italian Restaurant established in 2000. There is only one Spizzico Ristorante Italiano in Singapore.

It is located at:

81A Clemenceau Avenue #01-13,
UE Square,


Just by the looks from the outside, you would be able to tell they put a lot of effort in making the place a comfortable and classy place for dining with the atmosphere of being in Italy. 

Stepping into the restaurant just makes me more amazed than I already was from the looks I got from outside. I saw the decorations they put up in more detail which would make anyone feel the ambiance of an Italian Restaurant. 

Their counter

I am just very very much in love with their artiscally filled walls that made everything more classy that it already is! :O 

I've always appreciated restaurants which go any extra mile in making the restaurant a lot more interesting-looking like what they did to the little space here.

From here on would be the I-WILL-MAKE-YOU-HUNGRY moment!

Calamari Fritti con Salsa alla Diavola 

They have their dish names named very fancifully I must say. But i'm sure you guys must be familiar with this particular dish? 
It's golden fried crispy squid ring! It was actually served with spicy tomato sauce. I personally felt the calamari tasted better without the sauce. 

The squid tasted really fresh. I like that they added salt to give the dish a little saltiness that made the calamari different than those that I remembered tasting before. I thought that their calamari were fried pretty well too.

Le Pezze di Pasta al Peperonico Saltati con Scampi, Cappesante, Pomodori Secchi in Salsa allo Zafferano 
(Hand-Made flat pasta sautéed with prawn, scallop & sundried tomato in saffron sauce)

This pasta has an extremely long name that I wouldn't want to imagine how it is pronounced. Does the pasta look weird to you? Probably. Because this pasta is their home-made pasta so it is in a unique shape like that of kuay teow. Haha. 

The pasta tasted just a little cheesy and a little milky and the texture along with it was quite new to me because obviously I've never tasted pasta in this shape before. I would say it tasted different. 

I absolutely love the scallop because the natural sweetness of it was there. Scallop that lost its taste is just meh. It's sad though. that one dish only serve one scallop :(

Pan Baccala Fritto 
(Pan-fried Cod fish in cream wasabi sauce)

It's cod fish! My favourite fish ever, I'm telling you! I am not being biased when I say this dish is superbbbb. The fish was fried to perfection giving enough crisp on the outer layer with soft cod fish meat on the inside when you take one bite. MMM!

It tasted even more amazing when the fish is warm inside. I must be fair though, I couldn't really taste any hint of wasabi. :/

Filetto di Manzo con Foie Gras
(Pan-fried NZ beef tenderloin with duck liver in red wine sauce)

I remember in my blog post about an Italian Restaurant I went pretty crazy over duck liver so you must have already guessed how crazy I went when I saw this dish! The duck liver tasted as awesome as I imagined. 
Another blogger thought it was too soft though. 

The beef was just ok for me. The  texture is actually a little chewy. I personally prefer beef with oil but this one doesn't seem to have any. 

You probably have noticed how I took 2 pictures per food and it is because of pretty they made the food look which just make people "wow" without even touching the food. 

Salmone e Rucola 
(Pizza topped with smoked salmon, caper, onion, chilli & rocket)

This pizza is one of chef's recommendation and I totally know why after I tried it! Before the dish arrived, tbh , I was thinking of little bit of cut smoked salmon sprinkled on top of the pizza. But when it came, I was so surprised at how generous the serving of the smoked salmon was! 

I mean, just look at it.  THERE'S ONE PIECE OF SMOKED SALMON ON EACH SLICE OF PIZZA. I'm not exaggerating when I say this but the first bite was so juicy! Yes, you didn't hear me wrongly. Juicy. 
The pizza crust was crispy, not hard. I think the pizza was done really well still being able to taste the salmon in the smoked salmon and not just the saltiness of it. 

WAIT. Not yet done. Don't think the large amount of vegetables were just there for display! The pizza is filled with lots of thick, strong flavors and the vegetables actually help to weigh them down a little if you eat the pizza with them. 

Home Made Panna Cotta
(traditional dessert made from cooked cream and fresh milk)

I would say people who don't really like creamy or milky desserts obviously cannot choose this. From the looks of it, the dessert shakes like pudding. LOL, weird description

Topped with the caramel, this dessert is a combination of milk and cream texture and taste a little bitter. I think it is better shared unless you're a person who love cream and milk to the max. 
I like the soft texture it has though. 

Home Made Tiramisu
(Home made traditional Italian coffee and mascarpone cheese cake)

This cake looks simple but I can imagine how much effort it would take to make given how it tasted. I could taste quite a strong flavour of alcohol. Not extremely strong that it took away the taste of Tiramisu but a good amount. 
The cake was really soft and tasted of a combination of sweetness and bitterness. 

(Semifreddo with vanilla, cocoa, cream and candied fruit)

Don't think I need to tell you this is basically ice cream with little cut fruits inside.

I think the cut bits of fruits goes pretty well with the ice-cream itself because the ice-cream wasn't that strong flavoured and the fruits really help in bringing more sweetness into the dessert. 
You can taste the cream in the dessert but not too strong. Just nice. (:

Not only making you hungry, also making myself hungry. Haha
Eager to try their food? Their food are worth the price especially when you're looking for a special place to celebrate certain occasions! 

If you need more information on what kind of food they serve, you can visit their website:

Btw, they do catering and home delivery too :o :o! 

P/S: Don't worry if you are on a tight budget but still want to try out their food! They have really affordable & awesome set meals available for you! 
All information are on the website itself! 

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