Carnival @ Singapore Discovery Centre

Sunday, July 07, 2013

It's a CARNIVAL! Don't know if it's just me but I find that carnivals and fun fairs are especially hard to find in Singapore unlike in other countries like America.

I only remember going to a fun fair organized by my school when I was in Jurong Primary and another one at somewhere with rides and stuff. See, not many.
So i'm really glad that my sister got news from her friend about the selling of tickets to a carnival at Singapore Discovery Centre!

Knowing about the insane number of activities there just makes me sooo excited. There are 3D movies, rides, games etc.! You would think the tickets would be costly but NO, they only cost $6 per person! :ooooo
Idk what drove them crazy to do such a thing but THANK YOU for that.

I was guessing it must be sweat-filled day so I went ahead with my favourite neon pink tank top.

I really wish I had slimmer and V-shaped face to look good in every angle -.-
Anyone want to help me with that? Anyone?

Tbh, I only took 2 pics throughout my whole time there because it was such a rush with all the activities there. BUT! I was smart to plan to make video while I was there. -smirks-

Because of the water ride we missed on out Genting trip(if you haven't read about it), we make do with a water ride at the Carnival. Of course it is definitely not as fun as the one in Genting but oh well. 

Besides that ride, we tried their 4D ride with the movable chairs and 3D glasses all. That, was definitely wayyy better than the 4D ride we had in Genting. Fair enough. Haha

There is actually a museum there filled with things that got to do with Singapore and that's when I decided


Taking pictures with road signs. Oh you know. But hey, they're cool signs! & they're in a museum! (in defence)

Those are the only 2 pictures I took so despite how stupid they are, YOU APPRECIATE. YOU UNDERSTAND ME. 

If you haven't already follow me on Instagram & you'd better do, I did update it with some other cool stuff I saw at Singapore Discovery Centre! :D

Alternatively, you can watch my video to know which ride I took, how the carnival looks like and observe how awkward I am on cam. (which I think would be the choice you will pick because you are that mean but still, follow me on Instagram!) 

Hope you enjoyed it although it wasn't very interesting! & please be lenient and don't think of DISLIKING my vid! -angry face-



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