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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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If you guys have been reading my blog, you should know how I am most ungirly when it comes to taking care of my skin. I've never really tried taking care of my skin with skin products.

So to imagine I have this opportunity of getting a facial treatment at GM Health & Beauty thanks to Street Directory, I just had to take it! :D

It is a professional Skincare & Beauty Wellness Centre established since 2001. They help customers solve skin problems, de-stress and regain optimum health. 

For years, they have been using products with no mineral oil, no lanolin, no artificial colour, no SD alcohol, no artificial fragrance, no formaldehyde and non-comedogenic.  

The beautician assigned  to me was Miss Tay! Hey, same surname :D

This was the facial room with dim lightings and smooth music for relaxing ambiance. 

Of course, a dress was given for me to change into before the facial starts. 

Seeing as it was my first time doing that, I wasn't sure if I was to take off my bra or not lol. Pretty embarrassing. 

My first-time-having-facial expression

Miss Tay explained that they would usually recommend students/youngsters with the GM Signature Facial Treatment which features skin care products that are selected to address every individual's skin care needs. 

In my case, in which Miss Tay concluded to be dry with acne/pimples on my forehead and sides of my face, she chose products which are used for sensitive skin as well as for dry skin. 

With the GM Signature Facial Treatment comes with added benefits of aromatherapy essential oils to leave the skin hydrated and deeply cleansed. Also, it helps release stress and detox.
On top of that, there is also a complimentary neck and shoulder massage included! 

This is me bare-faced and smiling awkwardly.


She actually help cleanse my face first before getting on with the facial products for the facial treatment, which should always be the first step when it comes to giving facials. 

Then on, depending on your type of skin, your beautician will choose products which are suitable for you. Miss Tay applied a mask on me for people with dry skin.

This mask actually feels spicy on your skin when first applied but starts to turn into a hint of coolness on your face which makes you feel like there's someone blowing cold air on your face. LOVE IT LOL

Miss Tay was really kind and offered to help remove my pimples and trim my eyebrows. Tbh, my eyebrows were never trimmed. You must be screaming HOWWWW right now.

How I felt about the process of removing pimples?
PAIN. I thought I was quite the person to be able to take in lots of pain as compared to majority of the people. But was I wrong. It hurt soooo bad I was tearing. 
I wasn't sobbing though, no.

So just a heads up to those people who have never experienced the procedure of having beauticians help remove pimples for you, it is going to be pain. 

My favourite part of the facial was definitely this!

Pardon the really bad angle which makes me look REALLY fat. -.- But this was taken with my eyes closed.

Why it's my favourite you say?

Firstly, this mask was applied after the torture of removing pimples and the trimming of eyebrows. So it's relaxing time!

Secondly, this mask smells SO GOOD. It made me hungry for some reason and also a creepo because I cannot stop smelling it.

Thirdly, it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep.

It smelled so delicious I couldn't help but ask Miss Tay what it's made of. 
Lavender and Chamomile~

I got your attention, didn't I! ;)

Miss Tay did a massage on my face which helps in detoxing which, in other words, help in slimming of face! I can't emphasize how much I love this.
*because you know I've been always whining about my fat face

Look at the difference :o

Because my eyes looked ugly here :p

Maybe you would think it's my camera's angle but notice the sides of my nose; the lines is not that obvious anymore. 

And this is 2 sides done :D

Cannot explain how happy I am with slimmer face ok.

I could tell the difference when I smile because my face doesn't go that wide anymore :o

After which, Miss Tay applied the essential oil and product for sensitive skin so as to let my skin absorb. On top of that, she also applied an eye care product. 

For you to see the difference in my eyebrows, 


If you're wondering why there are so many red dots appearing on my face after the facial, it's because of the procedure of removing the pimples. 

It got a whole lot better! DON'T WORRY! :D
My skin got better than before I went for the facial that's for sure!

If you want to know more about what services they offer and what products they use, you can visit their website:

Or visit 
GHIM MOH Health & Beauty Care
Blk 135 Jurong Gateway(Jurong East Central) Road
#02-331 Singapore 600135

Make an appointment:
9036 2166

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