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Friday, July 26, 2013

You see people using that term a lot and you know what it means. But I'm using that in the literal way.

Since school and studies is basically conquers my world at this point in time, what else is better to talk about than school. Wheee. (Sarcasm intended) 

It is times like now that I recall back when I was in primary school, feeling nostalgic when I think about where I am now and where I was before. 

This is not another sad post. It will be a post filled with things that I remember which makes me smile. Basically things that I remember seeing and hearing in my primary school where I don't really do now anymore. 

A post you can relate to.

I was in the same primary school as my cousin, Valerie(whom you guys may be quite familiar with already). 

So you can probably imagine why I would  prefer my primary school days than secondary school days anytime. 
Yes yes, I do know majority of you would choose your secondary school years over primary. 
But tbh, it wasn't solely based on that that I prefer my primary school days.

We were so cute back then*shh it's true, always meeting each other for for meals during RECESS time. Haha, still remember the term recess time? Yeah I bet you do! :D 

We weren't in the same class but were always praying that we will year after year. Because that was how clingy we were back in those days lol (don't judge)
So that's the reason why we have to look for each other so desperately in the CANTEEN like some lovers lost in the maze trying to find one another. 

I was a very quiet girl back then and still am one now. Idk what it is with me that makes it so hard for me to start a conversation with someone. Most of the time I find some things unnecessary to be said. Maybe that's why. 

Anyway, there was this one time I was in a rush to go to the toilet I ran and accidentally bumped into my music teacher and stepped on her foot or something. 
I am pretty sure I didn't step THAT hard and she had to be so melodramatic to cry THAT loud like a baby and glared at me like I killed her whole family. WOMEN. -.- (getting to that age now. not)

Speaking of music, RECORDER comes to mind!

This thing I assume everyone has/had a chemistry with. Miss it so much! Not sure if you're still keeping it?

You guys remember OHP? Hahaha, idk why I laugh but man it was such a memory. I was so shy and timid whenever my teacher appoint me to borrow OHP from other class, I panicked. EVEN BROOMS and DUSTPANS.
Does your class use play with the OHP when the teacher's not around making shadows and stuff? Don't think that's a question. -hi 5-

And then we would need TRANSPARENCIES to show. I have an obsession with the sound that thing makes. I'm weird.

I still remember how everyone has to do their duty in cleaning the classroom according to the DUTY ROSTER.
How I loved cleaning the whiteboard best. I think it's safe to say everyone has a thing for cleaning whiteboards back in those days. Am I wrong? ;) *no, i'm not

I forgot which year it was when I got swimming lessons. I like it when I get to see Valerie more during swimming lessons but hate it when it comes to the coach because I remember him being a very sarcastic person -.- But now to think of it, I don't think I would hate him so much anymore. Haha. I was a kid!

Everyone was supposed to take the swimming test on the last day and do the style that they're most comfortable with.
Guess what I did. Not sure what the style is called but it's the most basic one ever. One where you learn on the very first lesson. Kicking of legs wtf LOL
I passed with a Beginner Cert. HAHAHA

When people ask me if I know how to swim, I proudly say, "NO".

Sometimes after school, Valerie and hung out at school for a lil bit before going home. We were kind of into HOPSCOTCH. Nowadays you don't see people playing or mentioning much of it anymore. Super fun memory to recall if you ask me. :D

My mom taught me the best weapon to play a hopscotch is a rubber band. WORKED LIKE A CHARM.

When I was clueless about that, what we would usually use was out wallet and you know how fat wallets filled with cash works. BAD. lol, jk, my wallet's fat but not filled with cash.

It was always so hard when there are 2 objects at numbers 1 & 2 and you had to jump to 3. Since I failed standing broad jump almost all the time.... *no explanation needed

Aside from all the things and terms and activities I miss so so much, there are the doors, the hallways/corridors, the tables and chairs, the staircases, the floors etc. that I wish I could see/walk through/touch again.

What are the things that YOU miss about your old school?

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