Monday, July 08, 2013

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If you haven't heard of RECODESG, it is an online shop selling tee-shirts!

We all know in our lives, we just have to have at least one tee-shirt. AM I RIGHT?
Open your wardrobe and tell me if i'm wrong.

I mean, days when you just want to dress down/casual, tee-shirt is like your best friend. But not just any tee-shirt, you want cool ones! You want to dress down but not too down to the extent you look plain and boring. :/

So I provide you with an option, RECODESG, selling tee-shirts with shockingly cool designs!

They actually picked a tee-shirt and send it to me and I really liked the design on it!

Statue of Liberty
(covering her face)

Very creative huh? 
Anyway, I paired it with shorts with the choice of tucking in the shirt and also non-tucked.

Really depends on where you're going or which one you prefer. If you want to look sexier, in my opinion, not tucking it in would be better. 

Say if you want to be cuter and seem more sporty, tucking it in would be a good choice :D

100% Cotton

Just a note about its material, the cotton is not of those heavy ones. 
Because I do realize it defers when it comes to tee-shirts which are made of cotton.

This tee-shirt however, is light and hence, good for Singapore because of the hot weather! :D 
Not like extremely thick but neither is it extremely thin.

1 shirt - $18
2 shirts - $30

There are other cool designs available on RECODESG if you're interested! 

These are some:


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