The SECRET to Shopping

Thursday, August 12, 2010


can you buy GREAT CLOTHES, SHOES, BAGS ETC. for the lowest price ??
yes you can ! *note that i'm not only mentioning this to the girls ! BOYS, YOU TOO !

remember the advertorial post previously about Clothiculture? well now ...
the newest ClothiCulture presents to you the SECRET to it !!

so you wanna know ? keep reading people !

it all starts with ... *grandma story*
but wait, don't you doze off yet !

where do you think the clothes from Blogshops and shops come from ? definitely come from the lowest prices and sell them all to you at higher prices !
how else would they earn profit ? *you know you agree*

so the SECRET to buying the nicest clothes and accessories at the lowest price ???? from them !! ClothiCulture offers to buy directly from them for you !!

i was totally surprised at how low the price was !

let me do a calculation and let you have an open-eyed experience yourself :

(Wholesale price x 1.4) + (Gross Weight x 0.01) + Handling Fee + Postage/Meet-up fee
= (3.84 x 1.4) + (400 x 0.01) + 4 + 1.50
= $14.876
~ $14.90

WTF !!
seriously, if you don't wanna buy from here, YOUR LOSS !!

oh, don't forget ! they offer clothes for guys as well !

(Wholesale price x 1.4) + (Gross Weight x 0.01) + Handling Fee + Postage/Meet-up fee
= (2.39 x 1.4) + (300 x 0.01) + 4 + 1.50
= $11.846
~ $11.90 !!!!

so guys ! you shouldn't wait as well ! where else can you get such an offer !
like OMFG . sorry if i'm too over excited but you know you agree with me that THIS IS SUCH A GREAT SHOPPING SECRET THAT IS EXPOSED !!

oh guess what ? they have so many varieties of items !

see, you can choose which category of items you want to shop for . (extreme left of the page)wonderful ~~!

have a glance of how MUCH items you can choose from :

well of course there are a lot more than these :DDD *excited aren't you ? aren't you ?

and are you afraid you'd get lost in this ClothiCulture ? FRET NOT !
it offers step by step procedures for you (:

see, soooo considerate .

who would keep a secret like this to your friends ? if you would, then you're definitely not a friend . SHARE IT PEOPLE ! SPREAD THE WORD !!

what are you waiting for ?


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