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Nokia X6 has the X-factor !

Thursday, August 05, 2010

ohkay, firstly, i have to say i was going "eeeekkkkk !" when this contest is out . why ? because it's just the right time ! i am soooo desperate to change my phone right now BUT i have no phones in my mind to change to . UNTIL, THE X6 SHOWS .

i can list down like ALL the features that attracted me and it's going to flood the WHOLE page but I DON'T CARE !!

1) famous for its MUSIC . damn it ! in these days, like who can live without music ? NOONE ! duh . everywhere you go, headpiece, earpiece EVERYWHERE . and the X6 here presents the function to let you store up to 11,000 songs !! WTH ! somemore it allows you to download songs on OVI store for FREE ~!!! >.<

with this, who needs to bring mp3 players or ipods out anymore *shrugs*
saves the trouble ! ;D

2) what are girls known for nowadays ? why do they take up so much time in the toilet compared to guys when they're in a shopping mall ? (besides shitting, getting butt stuck in the toilet bowl and make-up) TAKING PICS ! no doubt ! fyi, i am currently taking Nokia 5800 Express Music and it's like only 3.2 megapixel ! :@
i was at this Flower Festival[?] at Suntec and i forgot to bring my camera and all i'm left with was this phone to take pics with .
and shit, yes, it took shitty pics for me until i'm fed up i give up after A FEW MINUTES . -.-
*please give me a phone with a good quality camera!!*
*needed desperately*

and..... i just know that X6 is the PERFECT one !! :D with it's 5 mega pixel camera, who would go crazy when forgot to bring a CAMERA ?
i mean, i will and have gone crazy with this 5800 phone of mine T.T

i realised one blogger's advertorial on Nokia X6 totally relates to this problem i'm facing . he's taking Nokia 5800 ! *obviously this phone is made for me*

look at the difference !!

pic credits : NOEL

shocking big difference T.T
i sooooo want this phone !!

3) Twitter, the "IN" thing now . i do use twitter often . and so how freaking awesome and cool it is that Nokia X6 fulfils my needs ! it has TWITTER pre-downloaded ! like so convenient ! a tweet is just a TAB away !! ;D

and in case you don't believe that i have a twitter account and you're lazy to click on the link(actually i just like the idea of a pic of my twitter posted here. cannot is it !) :

you know, with this pre-downloaded Twitter, i won't have to go to the twitter site using the web and then tweet something . like so inconvenient !

4) when i saw this, i went OMG . i just downloaded for my current phone and this Nokia X6 has already got it pre-downloaded already . -.-
you ask ? SKYPE !

uhm .. idk, may sound like an unfamiliar term to you but definitely not for me ! i log on Skype everyday like how i log on to msn everyday can . so hey Nokia X6, i use skype ohkay !! this function is soooo for me so come to me ~~~

5) now, speaking of msn, this is another awesome function it has . (i know right, why this phone has so many functions! and GOOD ones !)
it has ebuddy pre-downloaded ! so many things pre-downloaded for you ! what's there to complain !

see see, it still has this msn add people shortcut ! so cool !

6) another attractive quality (yes! never enough!) it has pre-installed games ! i own a PSP myself but it seems like my mum owns it -.- now i don't have to snatch with her . hmm ! mum, hear that hear that . Xp
7) and there's this really cool and special function called playlist DJ ! you can be like a DJ . well not literally . but stillas shiok !!

pic credits:FAY

8) and lastly ! don't take this as a light point ! important too ohkay ! it is thin therefore makes it lighter ! :D

you know, ladies(me) have so much in their bag they don't want something that is too heavy in their bags so this is definitely the right choice for me ! i know !
mm, nice ! ;p

so, say bye bye to troublesomeness and boreness and say hi to entertainment and joy and convenience with Nokia X6 !! :D

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