First Clubbing Experience

Thursday, August 19, 2010

awesomest, funnest, bestest, unforgettable night *see, it's even known to create new words*
18/08/2010 Ladies' Night ~~
like wow-i'm-18 kinda feeling

oh yes quite a lot of things i've learnt from this .
*no sex in case you were hoping for something like that*

so you must be thinking, who would want to get drunk ?
people who wants to forget troubles and all ..
for me, i thought it's fun to get drunk OCCASIONALLY .

you know what, this may be a bad influential post i'm sorry but just stating how i feel .

so, curious about my first step inside the club ?
THE CLUB WAS EMPTY . like literally . ohkay, maybe not so . the bartenders and all are there but there are like only my cousin and me who are the customers . *yes, that ridiculous*

my cousin and i were there way too early .
they haven't even started serving drinks . so basically, there's like NOTHING to do .

Lesson 1 : never go to a club too early 10plus would be a more suitable timing or better, later . you won't want to step into a deserted club . firstly, it's going to be embarrassing . secondly, it is going to be boring .

we decided to wait for a later time and go back into the club .
*and yeah i do realise how embarrassing it is gah~!*
had 1 cup of "7-up + vodka" and .. it's not for me -.-

Lesson 2 : be prepared to have the drinks they are serving because it may not be your type of drink . yes, you don't have a choice because it's Ladies Night unless you pay for the other drinks you want . ;)

arriving at another club ...
there are lockers here but you want to bring your phone with and it's quite a nuissance when you wanna dance isn't it ?

LESSON 3 : always bring a lanyard when you know you're going clubbing . it's worth it, baby ;D how ? oh just imagine you can't ask for a hottie's msn addy or maybe phone number because you don't have your phone with you .

this club provided us with COUPONS can you believe it ? i guess they didn't want us to have too many drinks or the club will lose profit ? *rolls eyes*

i was rather upset with the bartender . people asked him what drinks do they have and he just recommended one . Champagne . ... zZZ
we had it . a few glasses of it, infact .

Lesson 4 : never have different alchohol in one moment . but of course, if you want to get drunk quicker, this is a good solution . *yes, we got drunk because we had one kind of alchohol in the previous club and now another kind in this*

so, a pic of us drunk on the dance floor

Lesson 5 : make sure you learn a little dance moves before you go clubbing because you know you wanna dance when you're drunk and you don't want to look like an ostrich or a chicken *no, i'm not talking about me*

Lesson 6 : be careful of who's standing behind you because he is going to be the one who grinds you or hugs you from the back .
*not saying every guy would but people take chances*

next which follows Lesson 6 would be ...

Lesson 7 : when he hugs you from the back, be prepared to react fast because his hands are going to be way low . not telling 'you to slap him though it would be funny to see LOL . you can just shift his hands

Lesson 7 totally comes from 2 experiences if you're that curious . when guys who wants to take advantage hugs you, his hands are not trustworthy .

you know, i would have been reeeeaaaalllyyyy pissed off with the bartenders if i wasn't drunk . why ? they served the guys first because the guys have to pay for their drinks . ladies who have coupons are served last . WTF ?!!
no, no misunderstanding, he said so himself .
stupid greedy people . Ladies Night for god's sake !

when it was time to leave, something horrible happened . to me anyway .

Lesson 8: never anyhow shake people's hand on the streets

why ? because of what i encountered . a guy 28 year old man totally pulled me towards him and hug me when i shaked his hand . you must be asking why would i want to shake his hand . because his hand was out offering me a handshake and it would be rude not to ! *cough* for the record, i'm polite ohkay

and i'm telling you, we were stuck there for like 20 minutes with him kissing me EW, tongue inside my mouth DOUBLE EW, him kissing my hand THRIPLE EW, him kissing my neck EW EW EW EW, him hugging me again and again EW EW EW EW EW !!

can you believe it ??! and he was there like persuading us to go clubbing with him and a friend of his . like puh-lease . -.-

but still, it's kind of a one night i never had before !

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