Time for the Self-Lover

Thursday, August 12, 2010

yeah, time for me to seek attention again ! LOL .

this bun was tied using the accessory i bought not long ago .

don't you freaking love that effect . didn't edit the effects ! all natural ! took it by my window . hahaha

same goes for this one ! :D

outing with my regina babe ! what's not miss man !

and made 2 friends :

it's like so fucking sad when you made friends from other countries and have to see them leave Singapore after 4 days . yeah, just 4 days !

they were reeeaaaallllyyy nice and great friends . hopefully when they say they'll come back soon, they meant SOON . or else i'll kill them . MUAHAHAHHAAH !

P.S : i did notice the last 2 pics were really blurry because i just realised my phone camera only works well in the day !

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