Exams Oveeeer

Sunday, September 12, 2010

so, a complaint about spider webs over my blog . LOL
i'm sooo sorry for not being able to update for quite a long time, people . exams exams . i'm sure you guys would understand . and i would understand you guys miss me a lot too ! *you'd better agree*

but guess what ?

the exams are OFFICIALLY OVER for this semester ! yay !
++ i get to enjoy my holidays until the 12th Oct ! i know ! how cool is that, right !

but wait .. do i get to ENJOY ? really ? i just realised it may not be the case -.-
holiday also represents the RE-start of mum nagging, household chores and work .

i can't believe holidays could be so bad ugh ~

anyway, enough of my rantings .

curious about how all my exams go ? *tbh, i don't feel like reminding myself again but i owe you T.T*

1st exam - Cognitive Process & Problem Solving

not all that in a rush when i was studying for this because of the 3 week holiday .
ps: i only manage to finish studying all problems for only Cognitive for the past 3 weeks of holiday
but ended up i find this subject not really fine . -.- seriously, i thought this would be the easy one ..

2nd exam - Enterprise Skills

this one a little bit rushy . finished studying all of it only when it's like 15mins before exam starts .
i thought this one's a lot more easier though . i know, weird .

3rd exam - Programming

yeah now this is what i've been trying to tell you guys . pic explains it all . I SUCK AT PROGRAMMING . and you can probably see why . i mean, the pic tells it all !
and the worst thing is i'm daring enough not to be preapared for this exam and stepped into the venue LATE . yes i did .

4th exam - Science

this one also another one i didn't manage to finish studying for . no confidence . D.I.E

5th exam - Maths

it was today, the last paper . what i can say is i tried to fill up most of the questions i can .

so overall, i believe you already concluded that i would flunk like real bad . you guys should like pray for me or something hoping they will moderate . LOL .

tata ~~!

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