Monday, December 08, 2008

hey guys . this post should be posted on last saturday . but again, LATE POST . sorry . Xp

so val and me went to tution and again, the front guy piss us of . he damn proud can . KNS lahh . so val and me wrote on a note book about every bad thing that we can say about him and draw an arrow to point him . LOL . i know it's lame but i really cannot stand him ohkay .

then there was this time when tution teacher was standing behind our back and we didn't know it . he suddenly spoke and we go cover the book immediately . LOL . it was damn funny lahh . val's pencil box even dropped to the floor . haha .

then after that the tuiton teacher came to sit beside me and asked, " what thing i cannot see ahh ?" then val and me was shocked then we immediately cover the book . LOL . hahaha .

so aftre that he jiiu go le . LOL . then blah blah blah until finish tution le . and this is the most funny part lahh . val managed to make the same mistake TWICE by PUSHING the door OUT . LOL . i was there laughing again . how can a person make a mistake like this TWICE ? hahahaha !

then a tution friend who previously saw, saw it again . so he went, " this is the second time already right ? " hahaha ! she was caught not only by me .

val accompanied me to wait ferr dad after that .

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