Tuesday, December 09, 2008

last sunday i went to malaysia .
and bought clothes ! yeah !
bought a belt too .

and i've finalyl managed to get the game "Futuristic Harvest Moon" ^.^
and also got a game called "patapon" haha .

actually i wanted to buy a pair of boots that i saw . quite nice . but i think clarke quay got nicer ones . so didn't buy . hope can get a better one . X)

and do you know that when we prepared to go home, we was like circling for 2hrs still haven't reach loh . my uncle don't know go the long way or lost like that . it was already 2 plus . the road ahh i tell you.. SCARY .
no light one loh .

and then there was this road ahh, no line at all .

so we reached home at about 3 plus loh . and the weather is freezing cold ohkay .

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