Friday, December 26, 2008

photos taken on CHRISTMAS EVE.

you know how excited i've been, wating for this outing with my family and my cousin's family and then it turns out like SHIT !

val's mum don't wanna go . my anutie's family went . and i have to tell you ADULTS just don't know a fucking thing we're thinking ! we wanna count down all that stuff . well, mainly, have fun . seriously, they have no sense in that at all ! ohkay, talking about that day makes me blow my top . so i'm gonna stop talking about CHRISTMAS EVE. FULL STOP .

to change my mood, i'm gonna talk about ytd ^.^
went to malaysia ytd with quite a number of my relatives . (:

& i managed tuhh buy my BOOTS !!! XDDD
and i bought a sleeveless top, same as val's but diff colour . :D
we were both happy with that . haha .

we went ferr dinner and it was damn funny i tell you . we ordered a veg and it came . it was quite small ferr us because there was quite a lot of us . so we were like not enough . then when we ate finish the veg, we waited ferr quite a long time until the same veg came ?!! this time, it was a big plate . the whole table was HUH ?? we ate already what . then the person said just now that plate which we previously ate was actually ferr the other table . and so that's why it's not enough lahh . and so the waiter went away with the veg . and i tell you, this other waiter come back again with the same veg ferr us . and it just went ON &ON . one goes, the other came, one goes, the other came . LOL . it was like damn funny can . hahaha !

so after that finally this waiter said they already cooked so they gave us loh . so we have to eat the same veg again ! this is the first time i eat a veg eat until i wanna vomit i tell you . haha .

anyway, there's that .
feel a lot better now .


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