Monday, December 15, 2008

about a little information, i went to sg expo on last fri, sat and sun . you must be wondering why huh ? read on .. XD
i'll post some pics that i'd taken 1st . too many . so post some only . LOL .

ohkay . so the blogger got problem again . i can't upload the other pics . damn it !
anyway, i hope the blogger can be alright soon to upload my other pics .
so the story goes ...
i went to the expo ferr my religion thingy .
my 师尊 came to singapore .
he's really damn popular ohkay .
everyone wanna get close to him . you know, he's like a celebrity or something . haha .
my mum was like so crazy about him, like my auntie does . LOL .
they bought his book and fri we went expo to get no. ferr his signature .
haha .
really like a celebrity right ? LOL .
but my mum suddenly recieved a call and we have to get dwn to a place to have some thing . i don't know how to say it . haha . anyway, we took a cab dwn .
wah ! the place was damn crowded . we have to squeeze like hell . damn frustrating .
then after that we have to go back dwn to expo . -.-"
i tell you ahh, the organiser sucks like hell lahh . don't know how to organise things one loh . kns . make us run here and there . kns .
so we waited ferr quite a long time until my mum and my auntie have their books signed . but time past quickly ferr me when i'm reading my "New Moon" .
so nxt to sat .
we have to go to expo to chant . have to tell you guys . my 师尊 is really popular . so everone is quite prepared ferr this . so they booked hall 1-6 ferr this day ! && the news is reported in the newspaper ohkay ?? check it out . ;)
and then we saw that there's a "Anime At Expo" thingy .
also saw a lot of people dressed funny . went to check it out . the above pics are those that we took . LOL .
so on to sun . (:
we had dinner at the expo and quite a lot of shows are being performed to thank 师尊.
and you know what ? Felicia Chin is there too . 师尊 had taken out something ferr people to opt . and Felicia Chin opt ferr forty thousand and she got it . she even step up the stage to have a speech . and she thanked 师尊 a lot ferr helping her .
so after that went to grandma's hse and have dinner .
then blah blah blah .
the end ~ (:

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