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Thursday, May 16, 2013

I've always used Google Maps and never considered other apps into consideration when it comes to looking for destinations, how to get from here to there etc.

BUT recently I actually tried Singapore Maps by Street Directory and i'm very amazed by how their app works!

They have this menu in their app. Lots of use in one single app :o

Let me tell you some of the special use of their app ok? 

Just look at this. 

You can check the traffic at different areas like ECP, BKE, CTE etc.! So if you're actually in a rush and want to avoid heavy traffic as much as possible, this helps a lot doesn't it.

This app also works a little bit like because you can actually check how much it costs to go from one destination to another. But of course, not only by cab. Buses, trains and by driving too (: 

What I like most though, is that Singapore Maps allow you to look for different shops available at different places. 

What do I mean? For example, just click on a shopping centre in the app on the map and WAHLA!

See? It will list down the details of the shops in that particular shopping mall :D 
You know how much trouble it saves me? or you?

My mom's always telling me to look for restaurants here and there and it's so troublesome to look for a restaurant near a particular website and THEN look for their contact numbers to make a reservation.

But with this app, you just have to find the place you want, and click on it, and if there are restaurants, it will link you to their contact number! Everything through the app. So convenient!
For more details of Singapore Maps by Streetdirectory, visit 

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