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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Suddenly inspired to blog about my childhood. Maybe I will find somebody who has a similar childhood as me and share the same feelings as me when I was a kid?

& those pictures show me when I was little. Yes, you don't have to mention the me in the 2nd pic looks like crap... -.-

The least we must have in our in common in our childhood has to be CARTOONS! I think it's safe to say ALL kids watch cartoons. It's like.. a basic need of a kid's.

Question is what cartoon do YOU watch? I think that sort of defines what kind of a kid you are. I think they may not all be cartoons. You'd see.


Still remember how it starts.

You might be surprised that I was pretty into drawing The PowerPuff Girls when I was little. Maybe cause they were quite easy to draw with all the circle eyes and rectangular bodies.

I actually just tried drawing them and I can't believe I kinda still got the hang of it! At least I think I do. *you'd better say you do too

I think I drew Bubbles best. What about you? :D

I remember my fav character was Blossom then. Maybe because she was the leader and she was all pink. And I think it's safe to say most girls like pink when they were little. 

I think till this day, I still find their theme song really nice! 

Tbh, I JUST learnt the proper lyrics of this song LOOL. You know how we always form our own lyrics with songs; that's what I did. :p

I honestly don't remember hearing verse 2 though. I prefer verse 1. Maybe because I'm biased since I heard that verse probably a thousand times already haha

I recall always being excited about the ending to what the man would say like...
Then sometimes he will change to... MOJOJOJO! Or someone/something else.



Ok. This show I barely remember it. The only thing I remember is the music of the song, who's married to who, they own a pet dinosaur and they take the car by walking.

Haha I would actually take time to re-watch it if I ever saw it on tv again just to laugh at how lame it is. xD

However, I cannot deny that the song, is pretty darn addicting.

"Flintstones, meet the Flintstones!"

Did you guys manage to watch the one acted by real people? OMG x10 lamer. T.T


Looney Tunes is not a show, I know. It's just I watched too many shows from Looney Tunes. TOO GOOD.
Even now I look forward to seeing

And this too!
OHMYGAWD. Cannot stand anymore of this music. It's so tempting! Makes me wanna watch
- Bugs Bunny
- The Road Runner
- Tweety bird & Sylvester

How Bugs Bunny always say "What's up, Doc?" though I never get why.
How The Road Runner is soooo smart and only does "bee-bee" sound. (I'm so good at imitating that, just saying)
How Sylvester never gets Tweety bird.

They are all so nostalgic, aren't they?


Who can forget how much Shaggy and Scooby-Doo have in common and how in-sync their minds are. 

Their love for Scooby snacks, what they would do for a scooby snack, how they are always partnered up, how Shaggy will be in Scooby's arms vice-versa when they're scared. 

I especially like guessing who's the person behind the ghost mask. Everything gets you excited when you were a kid. 
But I still think it'd excite me to guess even now. Haha

And I forgot to mention how Shaggy & Scooby-Doo are ALWAYS THE LUCKY ONES to get caught by the ghosts or to see the ghosts first. xD


Not like TOTALLY cartoon. But counted as part of my childhood. I don't remember liking this kind of CGI-animated cartoon as much as the usual cartoons. But I think I kinda liked the story line.

Sorry this blog post is going to be full of me being reminded of the theme songs of all these cartoons. Those are actually the most memorable part.

Listing out part of the song lyrics I know:

"Make way for Noddy, NODDY! ...............*bonk bonk bonk* Make way for Noddy, NODDY! ................*bonk bonk bonk* Make way for Noddy, NODDY! ........................... It's a happy day. ......................Make way for Noddy, NODDY! ........... Make way for Noddy, NODDY! ............ Make way for Noddy, NODDY! .....................It's a happy day! Noddy's here, make way!"

YUPPP. That's basically it.


Not at all cartoon, yeah. But you know what's unforgettable about this? Of course the SONG.
this particular line they always say:
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B1? I think I am B2!"

If you don't remember, how could you?!!!

But it's ohkay, this'll trigger some of your memories

I kinda forgot all about the rat that was inside the show until I saw it when I was looking for videos about Bananas In Pyjamas. Sorry, Rat.

I don't think I need to further explain how many videos of songs I would post from this sentence onwards once you saw Hi-5.

Embarrassing fact about me when I was little: Every 5.50pm, my sister and I would be all excited and sing&dance with the hi-5 on TV.

We would be all excited guessing which song is on for that day. If it was a new one that we haven't heard of, we would groan but we would be determined to learn.

Not very excited about the change of people on Hi-5 at all :(
But the time when I watched, it was them:

Still remember their names like it was yesterday.
Left to Right: Tim, Charlie, Nathan, Kathleen, Kellie

I would choose Charlie to follow and my sister would choose Kathleen to follow when we were learning those dance moves.
We would even act like we're them and say like "I'm Charlie", "I'm Kathleen", "and we're hi-5" wtf.

I think you can probably guess why I chose Charlie after knowing why I chose Blossom from Powerpuff Girls. Haha.

They have too many songs. But if you have to ask me a few of my favourites, my first one would definitely be "Living in a Rainbow".

I think it's because of the bridge. It makes one have goosebumps. 
We didn't seem to appreciate voice when we were little. Now that I listen to them again, I start to hear how good Nathan's voice is. 

Actually found out that he writes songs. Good job! 

-------------------------Actually got distracted for a while stalking their private lives-----------------------


Came across the version sung by the new members and officially set my mind that nobody can replace the old hi-5 and sing as well as they do :/

Don't know if i'm biased or something but they just sounded more powerful, y'know?

"Boom Boom Beat" 

This one is super memorable for some reason. Maybe it's because as kids, we had a hard time trying to get our hands and legs to coordinate the way we want them to. Soooo we kinda had a hard time learning these dance moves. Hahaha


"Dream On"

Now that i'm older, I find this song titled really bad. Why would they tell kids to dream on? Should just name it as "Dream" o.o

But anyway, extremely love this music. Old school yet really nice rhythm. Agree? *you'd better say you do or else

"Mirror Mirror"

Cannot deny this song is fun! So very obviously fun. Which explains why it's so likable. 

We probably didn't get those leg moves right when we were little because they still look confusing to me. -.-
Will it be weird if  I said i'm going to get into practice? No? Ok.
Alright, I think i'm done here. Flooding this post with so many songs. But i'm sure a lot of you would've enjoyed this little journey with me back to the old times. 

These are the shows I can think of so far! 

Heading back to stalking those Hi-5 members now. 

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  1. excellent work,amazing,fantastic.....
    I like it very much. I also like u...and I like your thoughts.

  2. excellent work,amazing,fantastic.....
    I like it very much. I also like u...and I like your thoughts.


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