Graduated from Republic Polytechnic

Thursday, May 30, 2013

YES! I am officially an alumna of Republic Polytechnic after today's graduation ceremony!
Thought i'd pen down my thoughts before the this emotional feeling goes away.

My mom and sister was with me on the cab today. I think I would've panicked a little if they weren't accompanying me there.

The number of thoughts that went through my head wasn't helping in calming my nerves.
What happens when I get off  the cab?
What should I do when I get off the cab?
Where should I go when I get off the cab?
What if I dress weird?

Moment of truth when I stepped out of the cab. It was crowded with people in graduation gowns?
Am I late? Am I late? 
Only about 10 mins more before registration closes. I was so confused where to go and I wasn't in my gown yet and had no idea when I'm suppose to have it on. Everything was everywhere. 

I was looking very much like Harry Potter, ditching the gender difference and the fact that I wasn't wearing spectacles.

I had on a size L robe because apparently, all the smaller sizes were out of stock. I WAS LUCKY, AREN'T I?

To top it off, I think the person lied when he/she said the only difference between those sizes were only the length.

Besides that, my surname seems to have a certain vibe around it. There are always people saying my surname "TAY" as "TAN". WTF.
On special occasions like today, how am I supposed to be forgiving about misreading my surname????!!!!
So that person did.
Honestly when it was coming near to my turn, I was not nervous about falling on stage but how he would misread my surname. & he didn't disappoint me!

Alright alright, sure you guys had enough of my interesting complaints and negative opinions.

About how I feel after the rage of how the person misread my surname, what I felt was of course happiness!

Happy about how I graduated from Republic Polytechnic. How I finally can escape the hands of programming. How I don't have to worry about FYP meetings anymore. How I don't have to worry about pre-readings.
Mostly escaping programming, really.

What's funny is that majority of the people share the same thoughts about programming with me. When the screen flashes programming codes, you should have seen how all of us reacted lol
Like "PHEW WE'RE SAYING BYE TO THIS" *maybe for now, maybe forever

I must say, I was really proud to see some of the friends I make getting merit awards and lots of other impressive awards on stage. I'm honoured to have the chance to work with them in a classroom before. I don't think I will have their determination to work as hard as they do and to hang on to so many things like
they did.

I really envy the kind of passion they have for being hardworking or maybe the passion for studying.

Really a sad thing that I didn't get the chance to take pictures with all of the people I know..

 My sister and me *i look like I don't have a neck here

 My parents and me. Although you don't feel the "wow" feeling this graduation because it's not university with the hats, I had that big "wow" feeling because it's a sense of accomplishment. And I need to thank you for your support. And I really suck at thanking-parents-speeches. 

 Because there were 2 cameras..

 Marcella & me (:
 Bobo & me! This person has been my benefactor. Idk what I did in my past life to know him, really. He's an extremely helpful person who doesn't ask for anything in return when he helps others. Through my torturing FYP/programming years, it is him who gave me maximum support with all the staying-up-late-working-on-codes. I CANNOT THANK HIM ENOUGH. THANK YOU!!

Keith & me (: 
 I was lucky to make such a friend from the trip to Korea our school organized. I actually made a lot of friends being myself which I thought I could never really do. Just thank you for being my friend (:
I actually have more pics with others. But these are all I have now. Not a lot of pictures :(

My future plans? 
Working hard on transforming my blog from awesome to awesomest & believing that I can strive for excellence in University.

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