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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thanks to RWGenting and Nuffnang, I get to go on a trip together with my family to Genting :D What I looked most forward to is definitely the weather. Because you all know how Singapore's weather is like..

Anyway! I find that blogging about Genting could be a little boring for you guys to read about since Genting is quite the common place people go for vacation since it's near and everything, I found a way to spice things up a little!

So I was actually pondering over whether I should bring my video camcorder along with my or not & I did! Be excited! Because I made vlogsssss

Or if you're actually not all that interested about that, just giving you a heads up; I had some bad encounters on my way there.


I thought we were lucky to have someone so thoughtful telling us that the amount we spent overall has not reached the amount of money the voucher is providing for us so we could top up some money to be on the bus with individual tv used for movies & games.
We THOUGHT everything was gonna be perfect.

Turned out that lady didn't know what she was doing and made some mistake in booking our tickets. On the travelling day itself, the man said those 2 vouchers were booked on a different date so we had to be on different coaches. WTF?

So my sister & I ended up in different coaches than my mom & dad...
Well that is not all. We reached extremely early(well not extremely but early) & ended up late for the coach my sister & I were getting on because of what we found out at the last minute.
Everybody on the coach were staring at us like aliens.

They're not even like kids. All uncles & aunties. Not that kind of an atas type either. Mouth filled with vulgarites, loud.

That wasn't all the bad luck we had;

1) Rude guide & bus driver

2) Panicking because I can't find the coach after we had our breakfast because the coach came later than the time set.

3) Wanted a high floor hotel room with good view so counter told us to come back in an hour. Came back in an hour still not ready, counter told us to come back in an hour. Came back in an hour still not ready, counter told us to come back in an hour. Finally ready.
Basically waited 3 hours for our hotel room.

We did, however, managed to get ourselves a delicious sandwich to eat on coach!


I hereby, pronounced this sandwich the second best food in Malaysia after their cupcorn!
(that's melted cheese btw)

Looking pretty horrible here cause we're both half-awake

 Showing you the interior of the bus. We actually topped up money for the us with individual tv

 I thought this looked like a toy castle so I took a pic lol

The flowers were really pretty irl

When you see the clouds, you know you're reaching! :D
To fast forward things a little, in the midst of waiting for our rooms to be ready(because of the reason stated earlier in this blog post), we made use of our time to get on rides indoor. Unluckily(again), there is one ride(caterpillar) ride that we particularly looked forward to that time, was unavailable due to the weather -.-

On the bright side, we did remember the best rides indoor, namely, bumper cars and roller coaster & had countless rides on those 2!

My sister and I were being quite the Singaporean when we rushed for our shower to go for more rides till the rides closed. (while our parents were off to wonderland in Casino) lol, don't judge!

Things we get to see and do on our first day! ...............

I think it was my first time looking at a living statue. This lady did her job well. She even moves like how a statue would when she changed her position. 

Take this as an intentional motion blur for artistic purpose.

 We went to Starbucks & I had a chocolate drink. Forgot what it's called :x

 Mmm cake! I think it was tiramisu?

Blueberry something. *i'm so sorry

I'm glad we had the time to head outside to enjoy the weather while waiting for our rooms. Guess it wasn't so bad huh.

 Dad tried to look cool -.-

My smile is so damn awkward here

 Jealous or jealous that we're gonna be living in the clouds? 

See that ride? We rode that the next day! :D
When we finally got our hotel rooms at last! ........

 &&&& realized our DSLR is kinda having a problem :/
The lens can't work on auto-focus but only on manual. If any of you know how to fix this problem, please help! :s

Soooo my eyes look weird.

 You know what you do when you're alone..

#notamodel lol

Wanted to go for that dreamy feel. BUT FAILED. BADLY. & taken in a really bad angle too -.-
Kay, I think you had enough of my vain pictures. FOR NOW ;)
We went for this new "ride" they have indoors. I don't remember them having this the last time I came. 
Maybe we missed it, not sure.
But it was a 4D kinda ride. 

If you noticed, my eyes are really red in this pic because I've been yawning a lotttt. The queue was long zZZ

I thought the "ride" would be worth the wait so we waited despite many people giving up on waiting. But was quite disappointed. 4D rides are never a fail! But this one was :( Wasn't as realistic as I thought it was gonna be..

Had some relaxing rides and took crappy photos because apparently my DSLR has gone haywire. -.-

 Haven't been to Ripley's Believe It Or Not but wanna go so badly!


Day 2, looking tired early in the morning.. Can't even smile right -.-

Why? Because we had a plan on day 1 that we'd have to wake up EXTREMELY early for the outdoor rides the next day! Because lines will be so long we may have to wait for a long time for one single ride. 

Soooo... this might be a good explanation for not having taken many pics on the 2nd day. HAHA. 
Too busy getting on rides! 

Tbh, I am kind of a roller coaster person, I think. I think I am quite brave when getting on rides. My family all agree on that probably. 
They can be all like "nonono" I'm all like "yesyesyes".

BUT. To let you in on a secret, idk why despite the fact that I am brave like that, there is one exception for one particular ride that I never had my nerves to get on. 


*image not mine

I have heard one story about this and was enough to make me determined that I will never get on this ride.
A woman got her hair stuck when the thing went up and when it dropped, her whole face got ripped off wtf.
Sounds like final destination but sounds like it can happen also! 

So ashamed; even my dad tried it. 
There last time I came to Genting, I was queuing halfway with my dad and my aunt and uncle and I backed out the last minute lol
It's kinda surprising how The Pirate Ship ride still give thrills. It was the first ride my family and I took when we stepped outdoor. :D 
Ahhh memories.
I remember the first time I tried The Pirate Ship ride when I was little, it was the mini pirate ship. I had my eyes shut so tight haha

Looked exactly like this(the small one):
*image not mine

There was this ride my family and I didn't get to try when we came the last time because we needed to pay separately and it was quite expensive so we didn't. BUT! Now it's actually paid as part of our unlimited number of rides ticket :D 

Remember the ride I took a pic of with the colors red and blue? THAT'S the ride. 
Flying Coaster aka Spiderman Ride(what I called it)

*image not mine

YUP! This ride is one you have to take lying on your stomach. Not very comfy at all :/ Especially when you board the ride. You'd have to wait for quite a while(standing) before they move you forward to a lying-down postion..

Just make sure you're not wearing a dress/skirt, girls.

The scariest part of this ride was when it's moving upwards in a circular motion & makes you think "When is it going to stop? Isn't it high enough already? OMGOMGOMG"

Having the chills now recalling how it felt like :s

To tell you the truth, after numbers of roller coaster rides, my courage kinda "shrink" so I was screaming all the way through that ride. My mom, dad and sister were all really quiet. 


We went for the dragon roller coaster ride afterwards. I know, roller coaster again. I can't believe I was doing it either even after knowing how my courage "shrunk".

That ride, as you can imagine went pretty horrible with all the forceful turns. My dad hurt himself because of that. :/

Bumper Boat was the next ride we decided to take. Something on the water; more relaxing. But guess what? Heaven wasn't on our side. It rained when we were queuing for a very long time... 
But on the bright side, we managed to see people acting funny on those bumper boats. OHMYGOD, you'd laugh I swear! 

*image not mine

Picture this.
- 1 to 2 people not knowing how to control their boats so their boats were spinning round & round non-stop
- 1 person not knowing the motor in front of him was not adjusted in the right position so he was basically hugging the motor to reach the handle so his position was really awkward lol


Haha and there we were, all being mean laughing here and there and praying that we're not gonna look stupid later. LOL
The weather got kinda misty so we took the chance to hop on a caterpillar train(what I called it) to enjoy the cooling weather. The line was freaking long, might I add. zZZ

If I remembered correctly, we went back to the hotel after. Of course, the rides that I mentioned weren't ALL the rides we took. There were a lot more!
I actually couldn't control myself for not taking pictures the whole day..

#nomakeup I don't even know why I took this pic. Don't look pretty here and what kind of expression is that o.o

I quite like my nose in this pic.

 I have really big cheeks and I dislike them a lot because they make my face look fat -.-

How'd we spend our day 3 before waiting for the coach? We had to enjoy one last moment of the fresh and cooling air over there or else we're gonna regret it if we don't. 

We plan to go back to the hotel and enjoy their services one last time after we enjoyed the fresh air. So I was bare-faced aka makeupless.

With my long lost beanie!

Love my hair that day :D

 Soooo the elevator has these. -cheeky face-

 Here's my sister..
 Here's me!
 My mom & dad

Saw a lantern-like flower 

Gotta get ready for the coach! Headed back to the hotel room to slap on some make-up ;D

 Better take more time to look at this pic. Because I seldom act so cute like that

I think you must have had enough of my faces. JKJKJK 
*never enough

So for my 3 days vlog video, I'll edit it ASAP and post on here ASAP! Check back again. Or follow me on Twitter to find on when. Either one is fine (:


Love you all~

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