Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sadness, anger, disappointment etc etc . mixed feelings at the same time .
ever felt this way ? feeling like your nerves are tied up altogether forming a ball of nerves . -.-

yeah, it would probably look like this :

whatever caused it ?
mainly: love, friendship, people, studies

and it is sad to know that love, friendship and people can affect your studies .
so try meeting all the troubles together at once and see how nice your grade would look like .
yes, you'd never believe i'm the unlucky one to meet all 3 today . or should i say, the lucky one, since it is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one to meet all 3 .

when these things happen,
1) you go to someone to tell him/her about it
2) keep it to yourself
*and suffer from depression maybe*

so yeah, you've probably guess i ain't that stupid to choose option 2 or else i'll be dead by now . considering 3 problems altogether .

and so you would be wondering, what could he/she do if you told he/she ?
most probably just give you advice, comfort you and things like that .

people who chose choice 2 says: what's the point ???! you still have to settle it yourself !
i say: duh . but you know there's someone who cares about you . and that definitely means a lot . better than suffering depression ! lonely !

well yes in the end, you will have to make a choice YOURSELF . but at least someone lead you a way to your choices or else you'd be lost .

ohkay, seriously, idk where i'm going with this post . it's so messed up . but i hope something somewhere helps somebody .

*what's my point of posting this ? ugh . i don't even know myself -.-

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