Family Day '10


Friday, June 04, 2010

yeah now here's my post ! sorry for the delay because i had a camp(*eh hem* baking camp) and then my internet was giving me problems . FML .

well anyway, as you know, 29th May was Family Day and i did manage to go to Sentosa with my dad, mom, sister and my cousin . i'd say i was suppose to bring 7 people but oh well . and i suppose a picture speaks a thousand words in this post so prepare yourselves, readers .

and here i am finish preparing and ready to step outside to experience the world of fun with my family :

ohkay, i must admit i love my lipgloss

to the extent i have to take another pic . don't tell me you didn't expect this because i know you did ;)

ooo, look at how it shines ~*ohkay, i know i'm kinda becoming a narcissist

eh hem . sorry, back to topic . where was i ? right, and of course next, to pick up my cousin . and you don't suppose you'd not want to waste every minute and second sitting in the car do nothing do you ?

CAMWHORE TIME ! *as you always guess

yes, you'd most probably be shocked when you only see 1 pic when you expect to see many when i said "CAMWHORE TIME"
so, my sister was being choosy about the pics and even this pic, i PERSUADED her to keep it -.-

after picking up my cousin:

well yes i did request her to include our "rubber band" in the pic . see, i even took the effort to get one which goes with my top . HAHA

breakfast is at - well doesn't sound so appealing - KOPITIAM (coffee shop in hokkien).
and while waiting for our food ..

PS: she always smiles or laughs to herself when staring at her cell phone's screen so you can probably imagine ~


WANTON MEE is my breakfast(i should say as well as everyone's)

breakfast finished and off we go to Sentosa !

In The Car shot 1 *you didn't think i'd wait patiently did you

In The Car shot 2In The Car shot 3

After reaching Sentosa, i got so excited that i am holding the camera, i started taking pics when we're walking (like i've never used a camera for like in ages) :

and then some meaningful pics *shut up, i think they are :

candid shot of my sister

remember i won 7 tickets ? well they're to Luge & Skyride and when i arrive to collect the tickets .. i find myself in ............


you should look at my face . my ANNOYED face :

and well after this pic, i got into camwhoring again ~
and finally when we got the tickets, off we went to take the bus to LUGE & SKYRIDE !! :D

well yes that "OMG" was to my hair . it looks like bush in this pic -.-

and well the bus arrives and it turns out that my whole family and i are NOOBS (*just so you know, i don't really like using this word but i have no other choices*) when it comes to Sentosa and so we actually got off the wrong stop and have to take it again zZZ

Anyway, finally here we are, ready to set off for Luge !

yeah ... we all know we don't look good in that helmet !!

after Luge, how awesome it is to go for the Skyride ! 2 in 1 !

while waiting in the queue ...

1 ...

2 ...

and 3 ! off they go !

and then some more camwhoring shots ...

view infront of us(cousin, sister & me) before we go up the slope

and mum & dad is right behind us ! :D

hi !

faces are on zoom because i forgot to zoom out before i take this pic . who cares, looks nice anyway

look at her tense face *she afraid of heights LOL(like my sis)*

mid-way to the top ..

and hi again !

notice the safety thingy is like underwear LOL

and for this pic, i was testing out filters and thought it looked cool in 2 filters so 2 similar pics with different filters:

Diffuse Glow

Chalk & Charcoal

beautiful scenery behind me !

view from top down

the way he sits gives me this inspiration

reaching ....

few pics before i reach :p


remember we actually had 7 tickets ? well guess who gets to go for the 2nd ride !

us !! :D

stupid poodle hair ! don't know people want take pic is it ! :@

a few scenery shot to share :

ever heard of MEGAZIP ? only my dad and i were daring enough to try .
and while we were up there, mum, my sis and cousin are waiting down by the beach :

yeah, it is alright . LOL

mum just loves to play with sand *roll eyes*

and now you check out what's MEGAZIP !!

cool huh !

i was like "screaming" at the very beginning .
one thing you have to put in mind if you ever decide to try this .

1) if you're a guy, be sure you can bear the pain of having your 'down there' 'tied down'.
2)if you're a girl, be sure you can bear the pain of having your breast 'tied down'. ugh, unbearable.

*i think if i am to wear that safety thingy everyday, i'm going to be flat-chested for the rest of my life*

well actually i don't really regret trying it out . it's fun ! dad said he can retire after playing this when we were at the top in tense . lol

look at how awesome we looked when we finish "zipping" . we look like characters from Lost . wth .

love my look . SEXAY huh but deep down, i'm suffering in that *roll eyes*:

well that's all for my family day ? so hope yours was as fun !
thanks Nuffnang for giving me this awesome day ! *loves*!

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