Cervical Cancer - save yourselves, ladies

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so people roughly have an idea of what is cancer . but do you know what is Cervical Cancer ? when i looked at this word, i was like "WHAT IS THIS ?" so i figure majority of you need some explanation .

tbh, i won't deny i find cancer, this topic, boring so i figure you would too . so a pic to do the trick .

now you find yourself reading this (:

-a simple explanation*which i believe you would actually choose to look at*: it's the 2nd most common FEMALE cancer WORLDWIDE !!
-a scientifical explanation*in case i "believe" wrongly* : it's a disease in which cells in the cervix change or grow abnormally .

And how do you get infected with it ?
SEXUAL ACTIVITY . *and now this interests you*

oh and another interesting thing that i learnt . women who have their first sexual experience at an early age are at risk !
why did i choose this point ?

BECAUSE, in these days, you find people having sex at 15 or 16 (young age) very common now . So lots of girls are at risk, now to think of it .
well you can't deny that relationships at a young age have low chances of lasting .
and as people say, "you have a first time, you'll have a a second ."

my point is, women therefore, have hmm .. idk . more than one sexual partner ? *not a question* AND THESE WOMEN ARE AT RISK TOO

and one of the things i hate : SMOKERS
believe it or not, girls, smoking increases the chance of you being infected .
you may want to ignore this, but would guys would want to kiss girls with bad breath ? BAH ~! i wouldn't !!

imagine *ohkay, i know my skill is not that good - or maybe it sucks*:

no, you don't want this .
so DON'T smoke to prevent getting Cervical Cancer !

visit now :

Power Over Cervical Cancer is a campaign that aims to make Singapore the country with the lowest incidence of Cervical Cancer and they need your help to spread the word.

Pledge your support for this cause and protect those you care about by telling them about Cervical Cancer. Together, we have POWER Over Cervical Cancer. Click the button below to begin!

p/s: my drawing is pathetic, i know

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  2. well i didn't say it's due to one condition actually . i do know that it can be caused by many things. so not to worry. thank you


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