Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hey guys . i know i know, long time since i blogged .
i send you my apologies . i've been very busy with school work and i hope you guys can understand . i know you would (:

i've got a chemistry test tmr and i haven't studied for it . T.T
and i haven't do the stupid mr tan's study cards . and there's still this DNT !!!
OMG . see ? school is freaking me out . and i know that now that i've described to you what situation i'm in, i bet it freaks you out a little too huh ?

but .. have i got a choice ?? zZZ
feel pity for me please . LOL .

anyway, actually, i have a ss test today but it was cancelled because a lot of people cannot make it .
YAY for me !
but next tues, it will be back .
BOO ! ~

enough of bloody school work .
i await my valentine's day outing with monkey !! ^.^
we'll be going to sing K, btw .

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