Friday, February 13, 2009

hey guys !
wish you guys a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY for today first, in case i don't get to do it tmr . LOL .

so, today got to school woth a very different atmosphere loh . everyone today like cannot concentrate . LOL . i received a present from CLEO and elvina . THANKS LOTS ! ^.^
the present from cleo is god damn cute lahh . xinyi keep treating it as phone . hahaha . still don't wanna give me back still . LOL .

so today after school chinese oral . everyone was sitted in a classroom and any teacher who's free will go in and call students . then everyone don't want that teacher will like hide . LOL .
anyway, got a teacher that's quite close to me lahh . told me i'll pass but not very good . but it's ohkay ((;

ohkay cleo, i owe you one . haha .
happy already not ? put your name in CAPS lehh . LOL .


tmr !! ^.^

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