Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ohkay . i admit that i have not posted since school reopens . sorry about that .
i've been really busy with school work nowadays . T.T
and also, i have not been allowed to use computer most of the time since school reopens .

school have been giving tons of homework . and we have started self study after school everyday . i am soooo fucking tired when i get home everyday . zZZ

anyway, enough of school crap .
i await fri, the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL before CNY !! ^.^

back to school crap again .
the school is sooo bloody stupid .
we are supposed to have a CNY celebration in school . yes .
but we're not going to celebrate it until the last 2 periods .
which means that we will be having lessons as usual for SIX periods .
fuck fuck fuck . ARGH .

CNY reunion dinner, i'm coming ^.^

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