Monday, February 16, 2009

look at the big mouth of ours . hahaha .

taken on my own when i'm singing . LOL !
both of us taking each other's photo . this is my version . her version is on her blog . LOL .
taken when i'm singing (:

taken while she's singing (:
ohkay guys ! about saturday's VALENTINES DAY OUTING ! IT WAS AWESOME !!!!! ^-^
we were on bus 98, on our way to party world . i asked cleo lovelove about it and she said it was just two stops away . so i told monkey about it . we were doubting whether lovelove de place and our place is same or different . so monkey go asked the bus driver and called the bus driver uncle which she think she got it wrong . LOL . and then the bus driver said he'll call us when we reached . so, after reached le, the bus driver describe the route to us and then said, "not uncle horr, is ge ge." -.-"
anyway, we were on the way there when i asked monkey maybe we were at the worng place . she caled to make sure . but in the end, we ARE in the wrong place . ARGH ! and the we took 240 back . -.- anyway, we FINALLY reached in the end .
at first, we were in this room where the mics were spoilt so the person changed room for us . i don't like the room loh . cause it's located near the entrance . zZZ
anyway, we had a lot of fun singing !!!! ^-^
and i'm currently sooooo addicted to "My Heart Will Go On" now . hahaha .
me and monkey sing until wanna cry man . the first part of the music jiu sibei sad already .
after our K, we went to CLARKE QUAY !!!!! ^-^
wah ! there damn lots of caucasians one . addicted to that place man !!! EEEEEKKKK !
and and and i wanna go to the pubs there !!!!! >.<
everyone went there for the pubs if i'm not wrong . they seem like they have sooo much fun . i have a little peek in some of the pubs . it is ssooooo freaking smoky inside loh !! i wanna go !!!!!
dad was calling me to go back home . -.- he wants me back home before 12 . well, so we decided to leave at 11.30 loh . when we wanna go already, dad called again . said he'll be fetching us . LOL . so we waited there, chti chatting while we wait .
and then !!! there's this group of caucasians who said, "Hello.
and i replied, "Hi." monkey replied, "Hello."
and then one guy asked, "Do you know where's the ice bar?"
although i don't know but guess also can guess dao lahh . LOL .
so i replied, pointing to the place where there are a lot of pubs, "There are a lot of pubs there . Maybe it's around there somewhere."
then this guy he was sooo funny . he said, "Ice bar . BBBURURR.", acting like he was freezing cold . hahaha . then another guy looked at us and said, "beautiful."
OMG !!!!!!! can you freaking believe it ?! i was sooo happy lahh . LOL .

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