Tuesday, February 17, 2009

hey ... have not been feeling well since the start of chemistry remedial . feeling sooo fucking awful right now . restless, heating up . freaking stupid .

anyway, today went to school and during PE lesson, me and lovelove was eating in class . the burger is awesome man . haha . lovelove said the more she eat, the more hungry she gets . LOL . after that, we went down for PE and found out that everyone was waiting for US . :x
we didn't do any PE at all, for your information . no, wait . in general, GIRLS didn't do any PE . hahaha .

by recess time, lovelove and me stayed in class tuhh do the literature thingy .
SKIPPING .............. ~

to..... school ends ! and then after ss test jiu go chem . zZZ
then i started to feel sick . no energy to copy down the things that teacher told us to .
lovelove nothing to do and she drew me this cartoon . very cute ! hahaha .
thank you, lovelove <333

that's all . TATA !

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