Fullhouse Signature - Official Opening Party

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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I can never forget how amazed I was when I first saw the internal of Blisshouse. Now I am more amazed I found another beautifully decorated place that is worthy of getting into the list of "Extremely Gorgeous Restaurants".
Thank you Mapwerkz and Fullhouse Signature for giving me this opportunity!
So very glad they allowed me to bring guest(s) too!

Billy and I were greeted by the 4 ultra adorable and friendly mascots when we reached

And Billy was there asking me if I think the person inside the girl mascot is a guy. I said I don't think so. *boy was I wrong

Of course we couldn't miss this for a traditional opening party

Honestly, I was quite surprised because I had an idea that it would be a completely Western kind of official opening party.
Up to the 2nd floor was where the restaurant is.

Got so fascinated with the surroundings I couldn't help but took as many pictures of the decorations as I could! I believe you would too ;)

Really need to thank Billy for his help with all the photo-taking. 

I observed that not only do they serve food, they sell some really adorable things too. (not sure if the dolls are for sale though haha)

But I am really in love with their watch designs keeping it cute yet classy (:

Who else finds that kind of couch so very princessy

Love this shot! Do I look like a princess? *better not say no

I remember seeing a similar clock like this at Blisshouse! In love with it

Too creative I can't even.

Did I mention they were so kind to be providing finger food while we wait for some performances? (which Billy and I were too shy to help ourselves too)

Totally regretting it. WHY CAN'T WE BE MORE SHAMELESS

Traditional didn't just stop at the first part. I was surprised they even had lion dance

After which, everyone had to gather and sit around in front of the stage for a short introduction about Fullhouse Signature and the people managing it. I had no idea the main person-in-charge is a Hong Kongee and was really something interesting to know! 

I learnt about so many more things about Fullhouse Signature with the videos they provided as short introductions about the restaurant. I like how they understand videos a probably a better way to communicate than just talking about it. 

The 4 adorable mascots were once again introduced on stage! The father, Thomas, the mother, Tracy, the son, Toni and the daughter, Tiffani.

When we were informed that we could start on our buffet, I thought it was probably it. But there was free tarot card reading too! Never tried it before in my life. Neither have Billy so we were pretty excited. 

Anyway! THE FOOD.

Quite sad the both of us didn't try this

The above food pictures are basically the summarization of our food altogether! 
I really need to emphasize how good those broccoli are. They were cooked with a type of shelled seafood which make the broccoli really tasty! 

Didn't think Billy and I would get a place to sit but we were lucky to get seats we were in when we were trying to take an artsy picture like this:

-flips hair-

Honestly I wasn't expecting the crayfish to taste sweet enough seeing it was plain but I was so wrong. It was perfect. (:

Coming to the dessert, the ones in cups tasted like sweet cream with flavours? Too sweet for me personally.
Love that mushroom soup.  

Now now, about me pretending to look glamorous when I eat?

After which, we joined this really long queue to get our tarot card reading. We were kept entertained while waiting for our turn with this band which I thought did a really good job (:

I am actually so amazed at how accurate the tarot card reading turned out to be, really. I was prepared for inaccurate readings but that person really did prove me wrong. Maybe I will find him again. Hahaha

Fullhouse Siganture is perfect as venue for a wedding and a lot more other events, don't you agree? If you are interested, you can visit their FACEBOOK PAGE:

Or if you are interested in visiting Fullhouse Signature, it is located at 

3A, Clarke Quay, River Valley Road, 

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