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Monday, December 30, 2013

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Firstly, sorry for yet another sponsored event blog post. Blogging about the Singapore Hit Awards is taking longer than I thought! Forgive me, love. -gives rose-

As stated in the title, I was invited to another food-tasting session by Eighteen Chefs! If you haven't got a chance to read about my first one, click here.

I'm so glad Eighteen Chefs seems to be going really well with expanding their business; now a newly opened branch at The Cathay! (: More chances for you to give your taste buds an awesome time, don't you agree?
*Stay tuned to find out how you can win yourself cash vouchers to dine at Eighteen Chefs!

For those of you who are not very sure about the background of Eighteen Chefs, let me do a little introduction..

- Chef Benny decided to start Eighteen Chefs because he realized how hard it is to find a job when you have committed a crime in the past; being a former drug addict himself. He opened this restaurant in hope to provide ex-convicts with a job as the first step of turning over a new leaf. A second chance.
I was pretty thrilled to be able to head down to their branch at The Cathay to try out some of the food I haven't tried before. 

They serve home-made ice lemon tea if you didn't already know. I talked about it in my previous blog post linked above. (:

It's hard to believe we made the first dish on our own. Haha. It's a salad dish. HOLD IT. Before you go thinking that it is easy, I am going to tell you that you are not thinking hard enough.

Honestly, probably most human beings would think that it is easy making a salad. Even Chef Benny thought it was until he learnt the proper way of making it.
I think the most important tip I got out of Chef Benny's teaching was to remember that the vegetables are living things and has to be handled gently!

Got separated into 2 teams and was demonstrated how we go about making it before we started doing it ourselves (:

And there you have it people, the Eighteen Funky Salad (:
Now it's time to see how we did!

My team is up next!..

 Obviously I ask a lot of questions

TADAH! Final product by our team (:

Thank you Amanda for helping me with the pictures! 

I didn't know that it was actually kind of a mini challenge between both of the teams! The winning team would be able to win the aprons at Eighteen Chefs! It's like even if you don't know how to cook, you feel like you do once you have that apron on.

Who's the judge? Chef Benny of course!

*drum rolls*...

Sadly. Chef Benny said we didn't mix it up evenly enough. It's ok! We enjoyed our time making the salad on our own nonetheless (:

I tried the salad and I love how fresh those vegetables are! Not even kidding, I could really taste it. They also have pine nuts in their salad. If you don't already know, pine nuts are very expensive and also tastes delicious! 

Up next, we got to try some of their main dishes! 
First up, Vegetarian Aglio Olio -

I kind of feel that this dish is a little overcooked. The pasta tasted a little too soft for me as well as the broccoli. I remember Chef Benny talking about how Asians prefer a more cooked pasta than Westerners do. It might not be the case for me but it could be just right for you (:

Dory with Lemon Caper Sauce - 

It was my first time trying out their fish and I wasn't disappointed! The lemon caper sauce tasted milky with a hint of sourness from the lemon. I love how soft the fish is and how it goes superbly well with the lemon caper sauce. I think the vegetables could be improved though. They tasted a little bland..

Eighteen Beef Burger -

Don't spread but it's also the first time I have tried their burger. Oops? I think the beef is cooked to an extent it tasted really yummy with the right texture and fragrance. It's making me hungry just talking about it..
We were all pretty curious to try their Double Cheese Fries as well as their Double Cheese Chilli Fries so they were so generous to prepare those for us too! 

Both of them are really among the customers and I am not surprised! You guys should try it too (:
Remembering about the previous blog post, the dishes I introduced may seem not healthy enough for you? This time round, I have these dishes for you to say Eighteen Chefs is not all about unhealthy food! (: They do offer healthy food like salad, fish etc. 
We were actually going to be making a drink called Funky Eighteen on our own but sadly we were running out of time :/ But nevertheless, I'm glad we got to try it!

It is their house soda. Mine had too much orange as compared to the others because of my drinks turned out to be more of a orange colour. It tasted like more like cherries to me actually. It's an interesting drink.
Lastly, thank you Eighteen Chefs for inviting us once again! I am honoured (:
 Photo credit: Natalie

If you are still here and haven't tried Eighteen Chefs before or you want to try it again, you're in luck! I am giving away a $10 Eighteen Chefs dining voucher for you to have a chance to do that :D

Simply follow these steps to stand a chance to win:

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*Voucher is valid for dine-in only
*Voucher is valid till 31st Dec 2014
*Giveaway will end on 3rd Jan 2014; Friday, 11.59pm
Please go participate ok! You will not regret it (:

For more information about Eighteen Chefs,

They are located at:
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
- Tiong Bahru Plaza
- The Cathay

Thank you for reading!

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