Breeks - Brownies For Christmas?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Hi everybody! Christmas is around the corner, isn't it? Are you excited? The things that always excites me about Christmas are all the festive songs that you would hear almost everywhere. Especially the classics (: Also, the world just seems so magical to me for some reason when Christmas is nearing. I think we all need a little magic once in a while..

Putting all those aside, I guess some people may find Christmas fun because it's time to go shopping for others! Or some may dislike that because it's always hard to think of gift ideas. RIGHT?

It may be a typical idea to give beauty products as a gift. But have you ever thought of maybe... BROWNIES? 

Try something new if you are one of those people who hasn't tried giving brownies as gifts for Christmas before because I have a special deal to introduce to you! 

If you want to know what the offer is all about, read on! ;)

So glad to be able to have the honour of heading down to Breeks for the first time for a food-tasting session.
Me and my awkward arms

I was there with NatalieJasmine & Jasmine's bf!

 This place was prepped up for Christmas if you ask me (:

Let's get down to what kind of special Christmas drinks they have in store for us, shall we?

Looks great, doesn't it? Makes you want to have a glass now huh -smirks-

Brown Noel
Thick, frothy and chocolaty, Brown Noel is a delectable Holiday dessert drink that is further sweetened with mini marshmallows toppings and handmade honeydew and strawberry chocolate.
In my opinion, the handmade chocolate surprised me. I thought it wouldn't taste like honeydew so much but when I took my bite, I could taste the honeydew and strawberry with texture of chocolate.
The top 1/3 of the drink was bitter with the ingredient of coffee in it. I guess the ice-cream topped on the drink itself was to help in reducing the bitterness! 

Up next..

Freaking out yet?

Salted Caramel Brownie
Rich and Velvety, their traditionally hand-made brownies are thicker and packed with solid chocolaty taste with every delightful bite. This is a new flavour available for Christmas Period only
They are definitely not wrong to say that their brownies are rich in flavour and very thick indeed. Agreed 100%! I didn't expect to taste such a distinct salted taste together with the caramel but I did and I loved it. If the taste it too heavy for you, top it up with a scoop of ice-cream to go with and it will taste perfect.

Ready for other flavours coming up?
The other flavours we got to taste! Careful there, your saliva got all over your desktop
(saving up the details for later...)

Their crisscross fries are pretty good. I mean, look at all the cheeseeeeeeeee. On top of that, they were generous enough to give us a cup of cheese with it wtf? I thought the crisp was just right too! 
Now the moment you guys have been waiting for the longest time probably. There are a total of 7 delectable brownie flavours Breeks has that you can choose from. 

- Salted Caramel Brownie (new flavour; available for Christmas Period only)
- Nutella Brownie
- Oreo Brownie
- Assorted Nuts Brownie
- Marble Chocolate Brownie
- Marshmallow Brownie
- Classic Walnut Brownie

Rich and Velvety, Breeks' traditionally hand-made Brownies are thicker and packed with solid chocolaty taste with every delightful bite! 

Sadly, we didn't get to try the Marble Chocolate Brownie because it was out of stock. If you happened to see them, grab them! Because they must be yummilicious to go out of stock, right? Haha

It was kind of hard to taste the difference between Nutella and Assorted Nuts because both has nuts on top of them if you ask me. Natalie was going crazy about the Oreo brownies so I would recommend that! 
Their marshmallow ones are basically usual brownies with a marshmallow and some berries on top.
Ready to try some or pack some as gifts to others for Christmas? (:

If you are interested to wrap them up as gifts, Breeks has premium-made gift boxes perfect for any occasion! 

Isn't it perfect? I can tell you I would be so delighted to receive this!

Price Information: 
- $2.80++ per piece ($3.80++ per piece with ice-cream)

- $35+ per box for Breeks Classics Walnut Brownies (customers can choose to purchase as a whole, or pre-cut into 20 pieces)

- $38+ per box for Premium Brownies (customers can choose to purchase as a whole, or pick and mix 16 pieces of their desired flavours) 
You can find more information about their BROWNIES here: 
It doesn't just stop here! If you are looking for more promotions, 

- Citibank -20% off per box

- SAFRA/HomeTeamNS Vouchers -15% off with min. use of 1 NS45 Voucher

- MINDEF Staff -20% for every 2nd box purchased

- My Preferred Card member -for purchase of 1 box = 10% off for purchase of 1 box; for purchase of 2 boxes, 50% off for the 2nd box purchase
So? Why is your butt sticking on your chair? Get up and grab those delicious brownies for Christmas now or you'll regret it ;) 

They are located at various places..

- City Square Mall

- Harbourfront Centre 

- Ngee Ann City

- North Point


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