My Very First Retro Party

Monday, November 18, 2013

I got invited to a birthday party last Saturday by my friend, Sandy. We have been friends since our secondary school years! Sometimes it's amazing to think back how long you guys have known your friends for, isn't it?

Her theme for her party was actually "The Good Old Days" and it was up to us to define. But her decorations were more on the theme "Retro" so I decided to go retro on my whole outfit and makeup!

I've always been dreaming of attending parties with the themes intact. For me, it is very hard to see people going to parties with their outfit matching the theme. I find that kind of sad.

I personally feel the importance of having a theme for a party is to have people dress up like the party and feel like they are in the party. It makes everyone feel more party-ish, no?

I was surprised at what I saw at the party. I don't think I have seen a party so close to my expectations before. So I was probably the most excited one in taking pictures there. Haha. Sandy really did an amazing job on noticing details making sure the party decorations and everything were perfect. You'd know what I mean when I show you!

The first thing I got attracted to was definitely the photo-taking area!

Not to forget, the awesome and really cool props for photo-taking too! I never imagined she would come up with so many cool props, honestly!
So I couldn't help taking lots of pictures with as much props as I could.

I was quite the good sport I even brought my own prop - my very own polka dot sunglasses which I bought from Cineleisure quite some ago (:

I'm sure you guys can tell i'm so forced to do that in the very last picture. Let's focus on how retro those props are..
Besides being excited about the decorations and props, of course I am also glad I get to see many friends I haven't seen in a while. I'm sure everyone can relate as to how birthday parties are also a form of gathering, ain't that right? (:

 There's Sandy, the birthday girl in white dress the middle! 

Look at how good we were with the props ;)

Back to decorations. I didn't mention she did up a candy corner did I? How creative is that. I wouldn't be able to come up with that. Probably because I am not that creative. Ok, don't rub it in..

Another one of the most eye-widening experience there was the CAKE. I just didn't expect to see this huge beautiful cake in real life for the first time in my life at this party.

Naming it "Giant Cupcake"

I thought I could share where she bought this cake from but it turned out it was made by a friend! She should  start a pastry shop and starting baking pretty giant cakes. Would make a fortune if you ask me. I mean, look at that cake! 

That was all the highlights of the very first retro party I went to! Do you have any amazing experiences at birthday parties you want to share with me? I would love to read about them! (:

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