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Monday, January 06, 2014

Might be a tad bit late to be posting this but i'll do it anyway. I see everybody have been doing their own self reflections/thoughts for 2013 and also their new year resolutions like every year.

I remember I did my new year's resolution for 2013 but I don't think I kept track of it at all. I probably did not do a lot of things that I listed I wanted to or need to but I think it is safe to say I also did a lot of things I thought I wouldn't be able to which are not listed. I can be proud of myself in a way, yes? (:

If I were to judge my 2013, of course there were its ups and downs. I personally feel it had been more of downs for me than ups. What about you?

- 2013 was when I finally started my University life as you guys may know. It may not be the best University but I am just glad I am going to a University at all. I wasn't planning on going to a University in the first place, to be honest, but I did.

- I plucked up my probably biggest courage ever to take part in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation Version 2.0. To make it short, it is a social media contest basically. All of the contestants worked really hard into creating blog posts, making YouTube videos as well as posting on Instagram and Twitter about the process. It is hard to believe I am actually one of those people who were brave enough to take up that challenge..

If you are curious to learn about the challenges, here are my blog posts: 

Here are my YouTube videos for those challenges:

Blog post I did to reflect on what I have learnt through all of that:

Sometimes, it is good to pluck up some courage that is buried deep inside you for something new, for something you know could change your life in a good way. 2014 is a fresh start for any of you who is willing to change something in your life! 

- I got on magazine for the first time thanks to the contest too. This is definitely one of my up moments in 2013. That was something I didn't believe it would happen. 

- Of course, how could anyone forget about the horrible haze incident that got us all frantic that we had to stalk Twitter everyday for an updated PSI reading. It was a pretty tough period for everyone having to wear masks out and stuff :/ I was trying so hard to convince my Dad to wear one but he just wouldn't. -.-

- I had my wide-eyed experience given the opportunity to attend the Singapore Hit Awards seeing so many celebrities at once. I have never been to a concert and i'm guessing that experience was close to it. That feeling, stage lights, everything was amazing.

- This last thing that I have to share is a lot more personal. The main reason why 2013 had not been a very good year because I experienced a very dramatic situation with a relationship I am having. If I were to tell it, I wouldn't believe it for myself either. I learnt that there are really such unbelievable people out there who do not care that you care if somebody is in a relationship or not and would do selfish things to get something that don't belong to them. Those people are utterly ridiculous and obviously a shame..
Enough of those looking back. About what I would like to achieve in 2014, 

1) If you haven't already know, I have started doing some workouts and keeping up with them. What I want to achieve is losing some of that stupid calve fats I have. And also working towards having sexy abs, thank you.
Something like this...

2) Hate to think that I am starting yet another semester of University. I sure pray that I can be better at coping with my studies and bonding with my team mates. Through these years, I have realized that I am an extremely socially awkward person and that is why I appear very quiet. :/

3) Learn how to be less socially awkward? Try to talk more? (probably my goal for every year)

4) Convince my dad to buy a new camera. DSLR is sooo outdated and our digital camera is outdated and take really lousy pictures. Not kidding.

5) TRY MACARONS! Oh believe me, I haven't tried them.
Well ohkay, I won't make the list too long knowing I probably wouldn't be able to complete all. 
To end off this post, I would like to hope that people would learn to be a better person in 2014, that everyone can remember to stay happy no matter how hard it is sometimes and that 2014 would be a better year for everyone. (:

Thank you for reading,

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