Monday, November 11, 2013

yet again! Remember when I blogged about Blisshouse a while back? If you haven't read that, it is worth a read! BLISSED

If you have, we are best friends at this very moment. Because you would be in love with how amazing that place looks like I am. I mentioned that I have my regrets for not taking pictures WITH the place, aka, of the place with ME in it and that I will go back again for that.


I was really lucky to have my cousin with me, who, is interested in taking her very first look at the place and became as excited as I was to take pictures. #girlsneeds #excusenot

What I wore to match the surroundings. We were THAT serious.

They had a lunch deal promotion going on and what better chance to try their food than when they are having a promotion right?
So not only did I manage to take pics with me in it this time but also, I managed to try their food too.

The promotion came as sets so we all had an appetizer of pumpkin soup which tasted really delicious! Loved it. I mean, I already enjoy eating pumpkins alone. Pumpkin soup? No doubt that I wouldn't like it.

Coming to the main dish, I thought I was smart to order this dish which I have never heard of before just because I decided to be daring that day..

Looked really appetizing. The first few mouths of it was pretty refreshing and ok-tasting but when I was left with one big piece, I couldn't take it anymore.
The "fishy" taste started to come up more obvious each mouth I took. So YES, guilty was charged for wastage of food for me that day. I'm sorry..

That was quite an interesting fish with a lot of thin and tiny bones seen with every cut of it. I wasn't sure if those were edible but I think they were? I ate most of them because I was guessing they wouldn't serve a dish like this if the bones weren't edible.. right? I don't know.

The only thing I love about this dish is the sauce, carrots and potatoes. :D
They could give me one plate of this not as salad but as main dish and I'd be happy to finish them all!

This pasta which Valerie had wasn't very good as she commented. But I don't know. She has weird tastes because she actually really liked my fish. lol

My mom had this! I thought it looked really yummy and still looks yummy right now. She said it doesn't taste taste very nice :/

Valerie's mom had baked rice! Val's mom thought it was nice but Val didn't.

So overall, it is pretty obvious that our main dishes are quite disappointing to us. I was really hoping for better dishes served. Maybe because they were on promotion. But still.

However, I think the dessert may have helped in shooing away our miserableness a little. It was a combination of sourness and sweetness in a bowl.

Well enough of the food that doesn't give the place much justice. The decorations and atmosphere do! You will enjoy all these amateur modelling and and vain pictures I promise.

Did I mention how tourist-crazy we went after these pictures we took? We walked around probably taking pictures of/with every little thing. We'd be sorry if we didn't!

There is a very interesting and funny story behind these 2 pictures. *which you wouldn't be that interested in but.. ready it anyway! While our moms were still chit chatting at the table, we were here trying to snap some pictures. This guy who was working there whom I'm guessing is a Japanese, offered to help us to take. 

But the thing is we weren't taking 1 or 2 pictures, we were taking almost thousands so it would be better if we took ourselves. But we felt really bad to reject his offer so we took it. Just for these 2 pictures! 
Actually also quite embarrassing at the same time. Haha

Shhh stop focusing on my fingers. Of course you know I was pretending.. -.-

Extremely in love with this one!

Remember this gramophone? I took a picture WITH it -flips hair-

Spotted this room with a really pretty dressing table 

This room's probably meant for a bride when she's preparing. We were that awesome. Excuse me while I dream of having this dressing table in my room in the house I am going to get...

Yup, it is definitely calling out to me

Acting like a princess *hey it's a once in a lifetime thing

Truth be told, I have really huge calves and they're really obvious in these 2 pictures. One of my embarrassing imperfections -.-

Cinderella would be better off with this carriage. She could have wine with a that coffee table inside the carriage and it's not made out of pumpkin.

If you're interested in taking pictures and acting like a princess or trying out their food for yourselves, they are located at:

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21,
The Central, Singapore 059817 
That is all the pictures I took at Blisshouse! If you enjoyed my face, you can stay and scroll some more because you know we can't waste a good doll-up day when we get home..

Sorry for the lack of updates! If you're still reading this post, thank you for sticking with me. I really appreciate that (: 
I had been busy with my school and exams but now i'm having my holidays! So be sure to check out for more updates ok. 


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