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Saturday, October 05, 2013

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Did you know that practicing yoga can make you stronger, leaner and more flexible; enhancing your balance, focus and health?

I consider myself as part of the lazy batch. I honestly don't do exercises very much and if people say I have the body of an old lady, I wouldn't deny. On top of that, I have the habit of sleeping extremely late at night. Who doesn't?? *don't answer that

But still, I would want to be healthier and more flexible despite the fact that I am lazy. I am really glad that I got the opportunity to take yoga classes for the first time in my entire life thanks to Street Directory and Space and Light Studios. I couldn't appreciate more.

Their website already excited me quite a little with how their yoga room looks like with French windows overlooking huge rain trees and grassy gardens giving off a nature setting capable to let people feel relaxed.
Perfect for yoga.

The teachers actually prepared a set of moves/poses that they wanted us to do. They were really organised by drawing all the poses on the whiteboard with the poses of their names as well. Excellent way for us to prepare for the next move!

I must say, I felt pretty intimidated by all the bloggers present there because they all seem sooo good at what they were supposed to do but I was just there like.. "i'm a hippopotamus.. hi"
Sucked at balancing.. a lot.

But hey, look at me doing the non-balancing-required- poses!

Tell me I passed. There are actually step-by-step process to get into each pose and the teachers guided us really well making sure we got our steps right in terms of our wide our legs should be apart, where we should feel the stretch coming from etc.

A lot of us were having a tough time in some part of  the lesson because it requires a lot of strength and determination. But you know, you just cannot give up looking at the motivating faces of both the teachers and listening to their encouraging voices.

I say not only will yoga get you flexibile and healthier, it gets you a never-give-up attitude!

Do you know what is most critical at the end of the yoga?

This part aka my favourite part *you know why

This is the moment where you are supposed to relax your eyes and every part of your body to take in every positive energy and stretching you have been doing.

Not just saying this but I felt really refreshed and healthier after this session!
The teachers actually came up with 2 challenges for us after. One of which was to guess the name of the poses that one of them will be doing and the other was to stay in that push-up planking pose:

I volunteered to take part in both but failed both. Pschtt. Was looking forward to getting myself an opportunity to attend their "Salt Stretch"..

If you're wondering what "Salt Stretch" is, it's actually yoga performed in the salt cave available there. You wouldn't believe it if I told you it looked like the inside of an igloo. It does!

The above picture is the ultimate wow for the eyes, am I right? That is the salt cave where anybody can sign up for. 

There is no yoga conducted in this particular room because the main purpose is for people to relax and at the same time, breathing in the good "salt air". Yes, the walls and floor is filled with salt! The room is also cold so you can understand what I mean when I say it looks like the inside of an igloo. 

This particular room is best recommended for people who has bad skin condition or kids with asthma. The breathing of the "salt air" is actually good for recovery! 
Naming this, "medicine/miracle air".

However, if you want to perform yoga and at the same time, experience the amazing salt cave, you can! There is a salt cave for yoga as well.
Do you want to take that step in experiencing yoga with Space and Light Studios? Make your healthier? Make yourself stronger? Make yourself flexible? 


- Space and Light Studios will be offering my readers 4 free classes to be used over a period of 2 weeks
- Valid till 30th November

Just quote "YOGIBLOG8" when you call them or email them for your first class! 
Information about their classes are all available on their website.


I can't thank Space and Light Studios enough for providing me with this opportunity and also providing you guys with the opportunity to try this out!

Special thanks to Lynn and Sumei for their understanding and patience


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