You Think You're COOL About The Haze?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sure all of you would know about the crazy haze by now seeing how Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is always, constantly flooded with people talking about it.

While the haze is happening pretty seriously, it has come to my attention that some people are being ignorant about it and think they are SO cool to NOT GIVE A SHIT.
Just like how immature people think smoking is cool.

I mean ok, if you don't care about your life, by all means, none of my business. You don't go around teasing and laughing at people who actually cherish life.
Especially by saying things like "C'mon uh people, it's just haze, relax.."
Makes me want to give you a tight slap across your fucking proud and disgusting face. *i'm guessing your face must be pretty disgusting to say things like that

On top of that, saying things like "It's just the haze, it won't kill you." just makes you sound so effing dumb I can't even.
None of the above? I would have thought so.

YES THE HAZE CAN KILL. I'm not saying it will but it can. Not immediately, but slowly. Let me fill you up with some details that you MUST have missed out on and help reduce your dumbness from growing any further.

As mentioned on the news, there are tiny particles in this haze that cannot be stopped by your nose from going into your body and it increases the chance of you getting heart and lung diseases, cancer and stroke. 

Still think people are overreacting? 

If you're still being ignorant about this and you got one of those diseases in the future, you'd know why. Just giving you a heads up. You're welcome.

Not just about the haze. I have come to realize people laugh and tease about other people who overreact. And yes, there are small things that people overreact about but I can tell you, it's definitely not this. SO STOP. JUST STOP. They're not the laughing stock, YOU ARE. IDIOTS.

With sympathy,
Cheryl xoxo

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