8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro Food Review

Monday, June 17, 2013

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I got the chance to try food from 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro today thanks to Street Directory and 8 degrees itself!

Do you like Taiwanese food but not sure where you can find some good Taiwanese dishes? Have you heard of 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro but contemplating if you should try it? Or are you unfamiliar with 8 Degrees Bistro?

If your answer was yes to any of those,


The owner was so generous he served up to 24 dishes in total for us enough to get our stomachs to an almost-exploding state. Haha. Thank you so much!

Let me give you a little bit of a background story*not too wordy, don't worry before this post is flooded with food pics to get you salivating.

I'm sure lots of you are familiar of the Chinese name of 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro aka 8度空间? If you're not a Jay Chou fan, probably not. *like me
The owner actually got inspired to name his shop 8度空间 by one of Jay Chou's songs. 

8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro has 2 branches currently *while i'm writing this; one at 37 Teck Chye Terrace and another at 454|456 Joo Chiat Road 
One other branch is going to be opened on Thursday at 359 Beach Road.

About their food, the owner actually brought in the idea of having Taiwan's street food as part of the menu and some other recipes from Taiwan as well. The menu also includes some of the owner's self-created dishes.

Starting with the ambiance, I thought they have nice lightings which suit the theme overall with small corners of creative designs to spice things up a little.

Like their slogan:

Gives off a very chill-out place vibe, doesn't it?

 Check out their extremely cool bar counter

Especially loveeee how they have these wines on display that adds up to the chilling atmosphere
Ok, your stomach must be growling while waiting for the part! 
So first dish up! 
Stewed Pork Belly Rice (their signature dish)

Taiwanese really liked this particular dish. Said it reminds them of home. So if you're like me, haven't been to Taiwan before and want an original taste of Taiwan, try this! 
I could literally imagine I was in Taiwan after hearing what the owner had to say.

Century Egg Tofu

This was one of my fav! It's a little like the usual cold tofu but it's sooo good. This dish is in Taiwan but only difference is that they use something else other than pork floss but the owner "edited" it into this. The sauce, pork floss and century egg go really well with the tofu. I just had to take more than one bite.

Scallion Pancakes

as what is known to Chinese usually as 葱油饼. The first bite for me was a little bland. But then the aftertaste came as a surprise to me. It tasted like roti prata :o I have to mention though, it was reallyyyy crispy. No exaggeration. 

Fried Chitterling 

I heard this is quite popular in Taiwan. The taste of it was kinda new for my taste buds. I had no idea it was going to be this crispy! It tasted better than I expected it to be. Honestly, I thought it was going to taste like how they usually taste like sold with Kuay Chap. But no, it tasted so much different. 

Eggroll With Pork Floss

Seems like they like to make use of pork floss quite a bit. Obviously, these rolls have eggs wrapped in them together with the pork floss. It was something different; something worth the try. I personally feel it's the pork floss that is giving the majority of the taste while the egg and the wrap is just adding to the dish's texture.

Century Egg Porridge

Nothing extremely special about this but just my own opinion, I quite like the porridge. Seems to have an alright consistency in terms of texture. If you guys eat porridge, you should know some would turn out to be either too sticky or too watery.

Pickled Radish Egg Omelette

This is basically like an egg you can order at stalls outside but the difference is that this egg is much thicker; which means better! You know how eggs are cooked thinly sometimes and when you eat them, they don't taste satisfying enough?

Salted Crispy Chicken

SO GOOD. I mean, I really think they did well with their fried food. They're all crispy as what should be expected of fried food. Bad ones would obviously be fried food but not crispy. But this salted crispy chicken is the opposite. The taste of it reminds me of the chicken I tasted back in my primary school days. They were amazing. The chicken meat are of the soft kind which I prefer so much more than the hard ones made with chicken breast.

Home-Made XO Sauce Wok-Fried Chee Cheong Fun

I'm sure you know what a chee cheong fun is, right? But I have never seen fried chee cheong fun before. You may call me a 井底之蛙(aka  country bumpkin) but that was the first time I tried chee cheong fun cooked in this manner. :o

Fried Oyster Omelette

Very large difference as compared to the fried oyster omelette here. The owner did mention their oyster omelette used to be stickier but after customers' feedback, they reduced the stickiness of it. There is still quite a bit of stickiness(more than the usual oyster omelette we eat) to keep a hint bit of Taiwan in it I guess.

Trio Egg Fried Rice With Taiwanese Sausage

Not sure if Taiwan's fried rice is like that but the rice was sticky when I tasted it. Not sure if it was supposed to be like this. But I like the Taiwanese touch of adding the Taiwanese sausage into this dish because it makes the fried rice taste a little different by having a hint of sweetness in it.

Marinated Sea Cucumber

Hmm.. Not very sure what this is supposed to taste like but it tasted like cucumbers to me. Haha

Smoked Duck Breast With Mango Salsa

I thought this dish has the standard of a classy restaurant already. It tasted awesome. Let me describe the smoked duck breast for you; it has that one layer of oil(not like the greasy kind but the chewy kind) that goes sooo well with the meat. Added with the mango salsa to make it taste even better!

Sakura Shrimp Fried Rice With Pork

I've gathered that the prawn was imported from Taiwan. To be honest, I didn't think much of this dish than just fried rice with prawns. But I was WRONG. The fried rice had the taste of prawns! I'm guessing they cooked the rice with prawn shells because I saw plenty of those in the dish. Edible though, don't worry!

Fried Chicken Cutlet

Reminded me a little of the friend chicken cutlet sold at Shihlin. This one is probably softer than the ones at Shihlin though from my experience.

Fish Fingers With Mango Sauce

The Street Directory staffs who were there and the other 2 bloggers found this dish to be extremely nice. I, on the other hand found this ok. It tasted like Dory fish. It was soft. The mango sauce made it better though.

'Tang Xin' Egg

The owner told us the chef overcooked the egg yolk lol. I think I have a rough idea what these eggs were supposed to look like. Probably similar to what I have seen in Japanese restaurant menus where the egg yolk  is just partially cooked. I didn't try these though.

Braised Beef Noodles

Love spicy ramen? THIS IS FOR YOU! I didn't even need to drink the soup to know it's extremely spicy. Just had a few strands of those noodles was enough.

Cheese Mantou

Tbh, I was sooo excited to try this when I saw it on the menu. I was expecting more like a liquid-ish cheese than like a sort of dried melted cheese. :/ But either way, it still tasted pretty good (:

Cold Noodles

Didn't know Taiwan has cold noodles :o Didn't taste much of it but lots of people who tasted it said it was good! :d

Tomato Egg Ramen Soup

Kind of reminds you of Japanese Ramen, doesn't it? I think it is worth the try to try it for yourself to see what you difference you can find in this Ramen and in Japanese Ramen! ;)

Seaweed Tofu

Hands-down to their tofu, seriously! They have their tofus made perfect. They were so very crispy on the outside and exaggeratingly soft on the inside. Heaven. The sauce goes very well with the tofu, getting rid of blandness.

The owner was generous enough to let us have a taste of their beer! The ones I tried was of lychee and peach if I remember correctly. I recall buying cans of beer with flavors of different types of fruit and the beer tasted just like these.

These basically sums up our drinks. The right one was the one I had called Passion Ai-Yu Green Tea.
It was a combination of sourness and bitterness.

These drinks don't look like they have anything special but I really appreciate the amount of effort they put in decorating these 2 simple drinks!

The left one is obviously Oreo and the right one's Bandung! But how it's decorated just makes feel all romantic inside.
I took pictures of the menu if you'd like more information on what food they have and how much they cost! 

*click image to enlarge (think you may need to zoom in also lol)

The bloggers and me with the ultra generous owner, Andy (:
If you guys are interested to try their dishes *you should be after reading my blog post, then you can head down to one of their branches located at

-37 Teck Chye Terrace 
 Singapore 545734

-454|456 Joo Chiat Road
 Singapore 427667

-359 Beach Road
 Singapore 195575 


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