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Sunday, June 09, 2013

If you didn't know already, I kinda tweeted about going to a skincare and makeup workshop.
It was organized by Mary Kay and thanks to, I got the chance to attend the workshop for free :D

Then I thought.. what would make a good blog post for you guys from that workshop? Then I actually learnt quite a lot of things that I, myself didn't know which would be very useful to know! So read on to find out what ;)

Didn't wear any makeup when I go over there because I would probably have to remove it so warning:

Hair's still damp here.

My sister and I were the last ones of the class to reach, embarrassingly. To our surprise, the class was filled with people not of our age group. I'm pretty sure they were surprised when they saw us too. Haha

We were given a mask to do the half of our face and a lip mask which I managed to use as a ghost makeup:

You know what? I changed my mind. I looked really horrendous. Ok.

Btw, they provided the lip mask only for the bottom lip but take a look at the difference between my upper and lower lip!

Can you tell the difference??? *please say yes
My bottom lip is pinker/redder than my upper lip after lip mask was used. :D
I was really impressed with this product. You guys should've seen! I saw a lady's lip turned from purple to pink wtf.

When we proceeded to the part about reducing eye circles,

Yes yes yes, I do realise my eyes-closed-face is very unappealing. -.-

After that, we actually went ahead with the makeup but I didn't take any pics for that. Sorry!
Shall we proceed to what the title's saying now? Are ya ready kids?! Aye aye, Captian! Ohhhh....

1. Skincare products do good to your skin/help your skin(excluding sunblock). So when you use them, always rub in upwards direction so that your pores can absorb them.

2. Use a sunblock that has SPF of not over 50 or else it can be quite harmful/too strong for your skin.

3. When it comes to skincare products for your nose, rub it inwards.

4. Apply toner on your face always by patting.

1. Makeup is harmful for your skin so you wouldn't want the skin to absorb that. Therefore, when applying face makeup, apply it downwards.

2. Too much cream makeup = oily face

3. Mascara is better to be thrown away after 3 months or else it may cause some ugly stuff around the eyes.

4. When it comes to drawing eyebrows, eyebrows with arcs make you look older/maturer. On the other hand, straight eyebrows make you look younger.

5. Using skin primer helps your makeup last longer and using eye primer helps your eye shadow in lasting longer.

6. If you have ugly lines on your face, prevent using makeup with gloss/glitter in them and choose matte instead

That basically sums up some interesting facts that I have learnt from the workshop. I hope they're useful to you and you benefited from them like I did!

Hopefully I don't sound like an absolutely clueless pig with everyone saying "I already know all these!"

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