Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is going to be a post cast with vain spell. So expect a lot of pictures; OF MYSELF. I happened to be lucky and have like 10 mins of fame on that day where I went for 18 Chefs food-tasting. (blog post will be up soon with GIVEAWAY btw)

Sunsilk POP-UP Salon was just nearby and some of the bloggers together with me had our hair styled/made pretty for free :D

The whole place was pink in colour like a girl's wonderland. You should have seen it. Sorry I was too excited and bimbo-ing to take pictures of that place :/

We actually had a choice to perm, straighten or braid our hair. Or in my case, I just told the stylist to do whatever she thinks suits me. I was hoping for braiding because their braiding skills are superb but I didn't get that.
She asked me if I want to tie my hair. I said "MY FACE IS FAT". (when you're honest)
She was kind to say "nooo, we don't call that fat. We say wide." lol

So in the end, ONLY straightening of hair.
You ready for a spam of my pictures??! Don't care if you're not. I'm spamming.

We got free photo-shoot by letting them do out hair for free. Blessed. 
But the picture didn't turn out so good. (I look fat)

So I flooded my phone by taking pictures myself when I got home...

 YES, my hair smelled like heaven after POP-UP salon

 I used Chris Crocker's tips on how to smile. This was the result.

I do realise most of the pictures are in black and white. Reason is because my background wasn't very pleasant ok!

Hope you guys didn't die halfway when scrolling. And keep a look out for my giveaway post sooooon! 

Cheryl xoxo

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