At Home for a Change

Saturday, March 02, 2013

You know how I have been having CNY reunions at 店小二 for the past 2 years(as far back as I can remember)? Well this year, everyone seem to want to have a change of plans and everyone sort of wanna have their own reunion dinner..

My family, decided to have it at home! It has been soooo long since we actually prepared reunion dinner & you know, the feeling of making dinner together as a whole family really makes it so heart-warming. Not trying to be mushy but honestly, there's just something about it.
Don't know if you guys feel the same way?

On that day, my sister and I woke up wayyyy early. Like 10 plus kinda early. Why? LAST-MINUTE-SHOPPING for CNY. Who doesn't do that? But I doubt you guys will go that far as to waking that early to head down to Bugis for shopping, right? -.-

We were so hardworking I couldn't believe myself. Dad & Mom were actually at home preparing a little bit for the dinner at night and coming to fetch us when we're/they're done. Sometimes, I really feel warm to know my family can cooperate like that, Obviously, sometimes I don't. Hahaha

We managed to get some stuff for our outfits despite the fact that there were soooo many shops that weren't opened. Not surprised huh.
We actually walked here & there till most of the shops were opened. See what I mean when I said we were hardworking?

Curious about my outfits? Get excited for my next post! *I know I don't post very often because there are a huge load of pictures to touch up on before I can post them up so I appreciate you guys if you're still here! -hearts-

Well now, to not get this post flooding with words, I present to you pictures of the dinner!

 It's really shocking to see how big of an appetite my family has. You'd think we were pigs. 

 Abalone; no miss for reunion dinner. Haha

 Lotus root soup. I know it kinda needs a caption..

 Pig trotter vinegar! 

 Salmon ^-^

 Just Toffee thinking we were preparing food for him. FOOLED! hahaha

 Abalone deserves a few more shots

omg omg cannot miss the few droplets at the top. Saw that? SO COOL RIGHT. 
In the midst of editing & touching up the pictures taken during CNY. Hopefully I'd be able to share with you guys soon! Love you! 

Now go have dinner, because I know I made you hungry! 

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