Favorite shop at Cathay Cineleisure?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sometimes I feel for the guys... Why? Not having much choices of clothes to choose from or accessories. But girls have soooo many varieties of stuff to choose from. Right, right? MUAHAHA. -feeling the sense of satisfaction- 

Imagine my face like that, but PRETTIER :s

So for the girls out there who are reading this, I put together 2 of my favorite shops at Cathay Cineleisure for more varieties to choose from! :D


First shop: BeadStreet

Selling mostly accessories there. Look at the number of options you get to choose from! Bracelets, adorable hats, earrings, bags ETC. Seeing how iphones are still so in trend; iphone covers too! ;)

One problem though.. Too many options, tough decisions. Haha! *i guess better than no options


Second shop: Editor's Market

Look at the different things they sell over there! From shoes to bags & clothes too! You're never gonna run out of choices again ;D Totally lady's best friend. Such trendy styles too, might I mention. 

Editor's Market is a pretty popular place that most of the people will introduce, so you might not be surprised to see that I introduce it here. But all the more to check it out if you did see it again and again right. Haha


If these 2 shops are not enough to satisfy your needs, there are more shops at Cathay Cineleisure for you! ;) 

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