Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation Version 2.0 [Challenge #1: Nomnom Challenge]

Thursday, March 07, 2013

As some of you may have know, I have mentioned on my twitter quite a few times about going to Cineleisure and challenge and vlogging. Actually, truth is that I am shortlisted for the Cathay Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation Verson 2.0!

So here I am, (in the midst of)completing the first challenge. You must have already guessed from the title; it's about food! Doesn't that make you all excited? Any of you who followed my blog would've know that I blog about food a lot. ;)

Introducing you nom nom @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! 
If sayyyy... given 2 scenarios,

where to go? which nom nom place would be suitable to go to?

When you're rushing for a movie, and you're sooo hungry popcorn and chips aren't enough to satisfy you. What do you do? Look for some place where you can get food, and QUICK!

At Cineleisure, the first place I'd recommend would be Best Fries Forever! Such a pun you can't miss it! Honestly, my first time trying Best Fries Forever(#B1-06). And I'm kinda in love... *you know, we don't wanna move too fast in a relationship, i'm playing it cool...

Look! Not only is their shop name catchy, so are their food names! Naughty Nuggets -cheeky face-, Wow Wow West, Just Fries *how did they do this. Simple yet such awesome name

And among those reallyyyy tempting fries of reallyyyy attractive names, I chose one called the Friendly Fire. 

Apparently, they have these 2 options of whether to have the sauce with the fries together or have the sauce separated from the fries. I was a noob(first time having Best Fries Forever) and got caught off guard because I didn't understand what they meant with the terms they used and chose the separate option without knowing what it is lol
I think I made the right choice though! *gimme some credit
When I saw the sauce, I thought it was gonna taste something like the Thousand Island sauce being orange and all. 
It was spicy. Ahh so that's where the name of the fries came from..

Do you know what's another special thing about these fries? 

One other fries which is close to that as I can recall would probably be the fries at Carl's Jr. Not sure if any of you realize the different between the usual fries and 100% USA Potato fries but I find that it tastes better! Plus the fact that they have the fries cut in a manner that allows you to savor the taste AHHH~

Good replacement for the chips that you would buy for a movie? I would say so! Or maybe both would be good to fill you up for the movie. Haha
However, if you're more of the "not-quick-bites-" kinda person, & rushing for a movie as well, NO FEAR! 

There's an old friend, KOUFU(#B1-01). I believe KOUFU is famous enough for everyone to know that it offers a wide variety of food, from Korean to Japanese and many more! With fast preparation of main dishes like Chicken Rice or Fishball Noodles etc. you'd definitely make it for your movie! 
What about when you're on a date?

What kind of place would you look out for as a suitable place to eat when you're with that someone special? Be it your lover or a friend.

Atmosphere and ambience! You'd want a place which is decorated in a way that makes you feel comfortable; in the mood, wouldn't you?

How about a place like Old Town White Coffee(#01-04) at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard? A pretty popular place to fill your stomachs with quite the good ambiance known now. [:

I love how they make the place so vintagey with the slightly dimmed lighting, mirrors, old-ish chairs &  wall decos.

Of course if you don't enjoy sitting in the old-ish chairs, you can always choose to sit in the comfortable seats like where I was sitting at. Haha

About the food there, they offer lotssss of food. They have a few of the popular dishes like their Prawn Bee Hoon Mee. I guess you could say I'm almost addicted to it. Ordered it almost every time I stepped in Old Town White Coffee. Have to thank a friend though! I wouldn't know their Prawn Bee Hoon Mee tasted so good until she told me about it and I decided to try it. You guys should give it a try it too! 

So not surprised..

That I ordered this lol

Looks kinda spicy yeah? But not really. Their soup is to die for. Thick and rich. Just what you would want to find in a prawn mee's soup! *i just swallowed my saliva when I looked at this pic. Did you?

I went with Valerie(my cousin) aka my date
Valerie had Curry Chicken Rice:

Normally you have Chicken Rice, but seldom have Curry Chicken rice yeah? And did you notice they serve such big portions of chicken? Very generous about the gravy too! :D

Besides main dishes, they actually also serve some smaller portions of food like peanut butter bread. Not the ordinary ones but ones that taste like the ones at Ya Kun Kaya Toast! Not kidding. 

Drinks wise, I like it that they serve Honey Lemon drink(hot/cold). I'm glad they do. It's not very often that you can get those drinks in places like that. 

Billy Bombers(#01-06). Another good atmospheric place to go for when you're on a date. 

Need I explain why? Just look at the place; the decos! Makes you feel like you're in America even without stepping a foot in. Dim lighting with your date, how does that sound? Soooo romantic ;)

If you & your lover feel like eating Western food, why not try Billy Bombers? Eating western food at a seem-like-America place do sound tempting.

Don't feel like dining Western? 

Try Shokudo instead! Brighter place for a change. Without dim lighting doesn't mean it can't have a nice atmosphere for your date right? Haha.(if it was morning, that is)

With the gigantic windows there, you'd be able to enjoy looking at the scenery outside with your date while having Japanese cuisine. Mmmm..

Some of the things that they have to offer include sushi(who would miss having sushi at a Japanese dining place right. Did I mention I'm a sushi lover?) & also some Japanese munchies!

If you aren't of a  reader, I have a video which may be entertaining for you! Hahaha. Another chance for you to see me being awkward after the entry video.... 

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