Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation Version 2.0 [Challenge #4: Get Viral with Cathay Decoded]

Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Do you know that  The Cathay is:

        - The first and tallest skyscraper in Singapore and in Southeast Asia during the 1930s?
   - The first ever air-conditioned cinema in our Island?

And here we are at the amazing mall of history having our #CNOS2,
4th Challenge of . . .

As the crowd of the participants began to form, we instantly realise that winning this game wasn't gonna be easy. .
Because. . . Look at those guys! They were all dressed up to win! They had their track shoes on, their dry-fits, their FBT shorts, their backpacks, their water bottles and etc. . . Jaw-dropped

Hahahs! And we wore like. . . =.='''

We came with sandals, jeans shorts, leggings, dress, cardigan, side bag, sling bag, basically outfits that does not fit the event at all. But none the less, we did well we did well~ Haahs! Pats on one another's shoulder*

All of us getting ready for the game~ Can you spot some of the SG's Sensational Bloggers? 

Before the race, every team were each given a bag of goodies which consist of . . .  

        3 Packets of Popcorn
        3 Cans of Coca Cola 
        3 Ponchos
        2 Placards for Cathay Decoded Race
        The envelope of vouchers (For each #CNOS2 blogger)

Let's get started ~

The QR code that you see on the placard is for us to decode the location of Station One by using the QR app on our phones.

And there you go, Station One at The Cathay

After taking a team photo and uploading onto instaplace and instagram, we ran around B1 and L1 of The Cathay Mall looking for the QR codes to solve the crossword puzzle that was given to us. The longer we take, the less chances it is for us to win the 1st prize, 7k!!!

 Completion of Station One’s Crossword Puzzle

The Cathay Restaurant

Restaurant screams food, obviously! Who don’t LOVE food, right? If you don’t, YOU.ARE.NOT.HUMAN. No seriously.

Did you know The Cathay actually has a restaurant called The Cathay Restaurant located at level 2? One which only The Cathay has it! Limited Edition. :o I didn’t know about it until Cathay Decoded happened. It was from our 2nd station that we get to find out lots of interesting things about this place :D

The Cathay Restaurant is actually a fusion of the past and present serving authentic, deliciously fortifying yet modern Cantonese cuisine. 

With a mixture of past & present, it is definitely a satisfying place to have family gatherings because it is always hard to find food that are suitable for both the elderlies and youngsters isn’t it? You know it!

Afraid that their food may be too pricey? Fret not! They actually offer dinner buffet as well as a number of quality set menus! More options for you; lesser worries ;)

These are the amazing varieties of dishes from the buffet menu:

Do you want to know a number of things that make this restaurant special?
You guys know how important sauces are to food. Without the right sauce, the food will taste bad itself.
So guess what? The Cathay Restaurant has their own special superior sauces like no other! So I guess it’s what you’d call their own secret sauce recipe ;)

     Chef’s Creations
Wouldn’t it be boring if the menu is always the same old same old? :/ The chefs at The Cathay Restaurant actually creates new dishes to add to the menu once in a while :D

For March/April, these are the chefs' creations!



Not tempted to be a member? The Cathay Restaurant makes sure you are! MUAHAHA

Just look at the benefits. It was really considerate of them to have the customized menu as one of the benefits. ^-^


 The Cathay Gallery
Located at The Cathay Level 2, #02-16

A gallery showcases the history of Dr Loke Yew and the Loke family and features their various business interests in Malaysia and Singapore from the mid 1800’s till today.

Many more interesting personal drawings and items of Dato’s Loke Wan Tho were displayed. Be sure that you go down one of these days.

You will be thrilled to see the collections of antique cameras that
comes in different shapes and sizes.

Last year, Cathay Organisation launched the Cathay Motion Picture Awards serving as a platform for aspiring filmmakers in Singapore to compete with peers and showcase their productions to industry players.

This event is now established as an annual signature event for Cathay Organization.

This year, it will also be open for registrations in April 2013. So be sure to like CatharyOrganisation on Facebook for more details if you are keen to be part of the competition this year.

Hangout   hotels

Whether we are students or working adults, there will come a point (or a few points) in your life where you feel so overwhelmed with jobs/duties/responsibilities. I definitely have.

It’s during those times, where I really wished that I can jet off to another country for a short holiday, just to rest, recharge, and recuperate, and then come back to tackle all my work head on.

But usually, these wishes never come true. Reason being.. No money how to holiday?!

But now I need not worry anymore! Other than jetting off to another country, the latest trend would be to have a..


If you’ve never heard about it before, let me explain. A staycation in summary, is basically a holiday right here in your own country. Instead of spending money on expensive air tickets to exotic destinations just to have a holiday experience, why not book a hotel right here in SG and save on the air ticket expense!

If you’ve never had a staycation before, you might be wondering which hotel you should book. I’ve been to a few hotels in SG before (birthdays etc), but most have them were pretty pricey like $300-above for one night. So those are obviously out of the question for us poor students (or non-working adults).

Not to worry though, because at our 4th station, we were led to HANGOUT @ MOUNT EMILY.

 At Hangout @ Mount Emily, the rooms are really affordable, especially if you make your bookings through their website!

P.s This was one of my favourite stations during the race cos we were super fast at it! Sense of achievement hahahaha! ^^

Cineleisure Orchard

For our 5th station, we were led to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard (aka our second home)!

Similarly, we were required to scan 10 QR codes hidden around level 1, to get clues to the crossword puzzle. In the process of searching (aka googling) from the answers, we managed to find out many tidbits of information about our favourite mall.

Cathay Cineleisure is really a mall like no other. They even have a cute website that’s totally relatable to our generation! Over at their website you can find out about their on-going promotions, check out their latest events, and browse through their shop directory to plan your day of shopping beforehand as well!

To be honest, I don’t think Cathay Cineleisure Orchard should be called a mall. It’s really a cool hangout place for everyone!

Anyway, if you’ve been reading our #cnos2 posts so far, you’ll know what an awesome hangout place Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is for everyone! If you haven’t, you’re really missing out!

Click here to catch-up:

Okay great! So if you’ve read the above links, we can proceed :D

So far we’ve introduced you guys to the many food & shopping establishments in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, as well as E2max which offers one-stop entertainment. But is there anything else that our favourite hangout mall has to offer? Yes there definitely is!

Cathay Cineplex

Because Singapore is smaller than many other countries in the world, we don’t have so much space for a wide range of activities here in our small island. Thus, for most of us local teens, we have made it almost a national culture to watch movies at the cinema!

As I’ve mentioned before, Cathay Cineplex in my favourite cinema. Not one of my favourites, but THE ultimate favourite! 

Reasons being:

1)  Delicious movie snacks available
2)  Comfortable couple seating
3)  Wide range of movies (and timings available)

Personally I feel that when watching movies, there’s nothing more important than comfort and convenience, both of which Cathay Cineplexes have managed to cover!


For karaoke lovers like me, rejoice! Because Kbox is just located on the 8th floor of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! Open from 2pm till 3/4am, you can book a room and sing your hearts out late into the night!

With all the latest hits in Chinese, English, Korean, and Malay within their system, you’ll definitely be able to pick all the songs that you want to sing to!


With just these 2 factors alone – Kbox & Cathay Cineplex, I would be able to spend my whole day at Cathay Cineleisure with either family, friends, or date, and enjoy myself immensely!

But as you know, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard offers even more than that! 

From food, retail, to entertainment at E2max, there is really something for everyone and that’s what I really love about Cathay Cineleisure Orhcard!


Remember E2Max? It was the last checkpoint we went through for the Cathay Decoded race! 

Never seen a better place dedicated for entertainment than E2Max. Totally a multi-functional place. Awesome for hangouts if you’re tired of meeting at the same old place, awesome for venting your anger if you’re in a bad mood, awesome if you want to watch a movie by yourself and don’t want anybody to know etc.! 
*Listing down all awesome-ness of this place for your use would be nearly impossible

Movies, games; WII, Xbox360, LAN-gaming, darts, UFO catchers, some arcade game machines, all sorts of entertainment you can find ALL LOCATED AT E2Max. 

So basically it’s an entertainment heaven where you can let loose & have fun!
To know more about how exciting E2Max is in detail, read our past blog posts about it!

 Or if not, you can watch our YouTube videos about it as well! 

To find out whether or not we won the race, and check out other interesting snippets of the race, watch this video that we recorded during the race!

*Credits to camera man & video editor: Ong Wai Meng

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