Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Have you heard of NuffnangX already? If you have, you SHOULD already have an account up running on there! And you should SHOULD follow me! >:D

For those of you who have no clue what NuffnangX is, it is a SOCIAL BLOG STALKING website/app to put it briefly.

Likeeeeeeeeee Twitter or Instagram but now you follow BLOGS! How cool is that.
I thought it was an extremely creative concept they came up with.


1) Don't have to constantly check blogs to see whether that particular blogger updated. Quick & easy using NuffnangX!

2) You can talk to your favourite bloggers on there through the "Conversation" function they have! psttt, I know lots of famous bloggers who would rather reply on there than the comments they received on their blog posts ;)

3) Easy LIKE & easy SHARE! Able to "like" that particular post and share that particular post SO EASILY. Just like Facebook. :D :D :D

4) Oh did you know.. *ohkay if you're reading this, you probably don't* that NuffnangX actually helps you to follow blogs that are to your interest! Soooo there may be some blogs that are recommended to you ;) Isn't that great!
HEY WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE. Download the app and start stalking my blog!! Or if you don't own a mobile phone with an app store or with android, you can go to ! 

Just enter my blog URL in the search bar and FOLLOW ME ^-^


Recently they came up with a Nuffnang Introductory video and I figured it is freaking self-explanatory soooo here you go :D

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