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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Me, as in... MY FACE.

I just realised my blog has been lack of pictures of myself to the extent people may misunderstand I am losing my vain/self-absorbed self. And I will not let that happen!


OMG did I realise it was freaking ginormous! But it's ohkay, because it's my face. HAHAHA.
*see how I insert my vanity?

Sooo yes I decided to post some pics of my Instagram here so some of you may have already seen SOME of them.
Btw, FOLLOW ME on Instagram if you haven't already! *i update there almost all the time @crayyzee

You know how I'm currently in my holidays right now. And one day I just decided to try out a fishtail braid and the top picture is my unsuccessful 2nd attempt. #nomakeup

Don't judge! YET.
Because I did, however, successfully fishtail braided my hair. MUAHAHA

Hence the face. Pardon me. #nomakeup
Ahhhh that day was a happy day.

My first successful fishtail braid. How could I not take another picture?

-Shows off self-absorbed self- :p #nomakeup

So then I realised or I think I have never posted a picture of my whole body before. :o 

My lovely cousin(Valerie) & me ^-^
We were in the toilet of MBS. 
Which is a better place for cam-whoring other than a toilet right? *don't answer

Ending picture [: 


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