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Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my parents. :D

I don't really know how this thing works. You may be surprised. But since my parents have never ever celebrated their wedding anniversary EVER, i'm allowed not to know how this thing goes about. :/

But I'm thinking.. children are not supposed to tag along? Right? What I have observed in TV shows if I remember correctly.

So they decided to celebrate it this time. Big surprise.
Not sure why they decided to bring us(my sister & me) along though. But we went along with it anywayyyy.


We have been wanting to visit this particular restaurant for a while now. And by we, I mean the whole family.
Introduced my Regina, my cousin.

What was tempting was that you can actually have what ought to be really expensive in classy restaurants at a pretty affordable price there.

Recalling... *not word-by-word
Me: Do you remember the restaurant at Liang Court you told me about? What is the name of it?
Regina: Idk the name but the sign is in green & red


No worries people. I took an effort to take a picture of the restaurant's name in case I forgot.

Here are a few pictures of how the inside looks like..

*sorry, the images are kinda slanted. LOL

Recently i have this HUGE craving for the Japanese/Korean seaweed. IT TASTES SOOOO GOOD.
If you don't know what i'm talking about, I can't believe you haven't tried it already. 

My parents were reluctant to buy and "make" it again because you have to actually add sauces according to your liking and they find it troublesome. -.-

BUT! This restaurant actually have it on their menu! Meaning they have already adjusted the taste of the seaweed for you and everything. 
I just had to satisfy my seaweed craving that day.

It was an amaaaaazing appetizer. Fucking $.0.90 Loveeeees.
Really helped in letting you have an appetite to eat. I really needed that. You'd know why later.
How could we have only one appetizer right?
Smoked Salmon($3.90):

Maybe we are mountain tortoises because we did not know that it can turn out to be so salty. Is smoked salmon supposed to be extremely salty?
I think we ordered this because it looked like raw salmon. :/
Ohkay ohmygosh you guys, you have to try the escargots there. Extremely cheap and not distasteful. Worth the try, I promise! 6 escargots for only $5.90 wtf.
We ordered 2 sets of it.

*sorry the image is blurry. Probably because it was SIZZLING hot when it came it became hard to take a clear pic.

Here's a better one:

My mom chose this quite normal looking spaghetti called the Peperonico ($.4.90)

It tasted like the usual Aglio Olio. But with bacon. Yummm. 
Mine? Genovese Spaghetti.($5.90) The sound of it was so very classy and nothing I have heard before. I wanted to try something new so that was what I ordered.
It looked... slimy. :s 
I smelled it and it smelled weird.. 
Tried it and it tasted weird. 

Then when I tasted it more, I think it was because there was peppermint in it. YES. Maybe I wasn't used to  a real italian dish. It is an Italian kind of flavor if I'm not wrong. 

Remember when I said that seaweed served as a good appetizer? This was why :/ 

Didn't manage to finish it in the end*pardon my unpleasant face  because it was really not used to the taste. 
BUT the bacon tastes so good with the sauce because it actually made the bacon not as salty and very tasty in fact :D That's undeniable.

For those who like peppermint in their spaghetti, it may be the dish for you [:
My sister had been looking for squid ink spaghetti for quite some time and turned out they actually have it on their menu! (dad had the same)   [$5.90]
-Forms a picture in my head- 
The thought of it scares me. BLACK BLACK spaghetti.

Of course I turned out to be right!

And then I started thinking how black their TEETH would look after eating this. HAHAHA.

Girls, you absolutely CANNOT eat this if you're out with your bf/crush. ON A FIRST DATE.

Because.. *you guys know how smart I am in predicting things like that

I so know you're convinced. LOL. You have to be! My sister sacrificed for this. Hahaha

Don't misunderstand though! That spaghetti tastes pretty good actually. Nothing awful like you imagined. Good dish to try if you haven't tried it and WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS. ;)
Did I mention... FREE FLOW OF DRINKS?
Just in case you were thinking you could say you buy 2 cups and share among your friends/family since it's free flow, NO. -.-
SADLY, no. 

This is not the sad part. The sad part is why can't the waitress who served us be more polite to tell us that?! Thinking of it just makes me mad. Her stupid arrogant face with her arrogant tone in her voice UGHH.

Shitty attitude waitress, shitty attitude.
(no don't think cheap food comes with cheap attitude waitresses because I don't see other waitresses like that)

So here's my mom and dad struggling(not sure why) to open the milk for their Cappuccino: 


-yells Mummy mummy! look over here(in Mandarin)-   :
-yells Papa! look over here(in Mandarin) *yes i call my dad that* 
He said: "Need to act class"   
This was the result: 


2nd attempt:

How could we miss out taking pictures of the main leads together right?
Shot 1: 

Dad said mom spoiled the picture by tilting her head to the wrong side. lol.
Of course,
shot 2: 

Mom said it was too close :/
Shot 3:


Hahahaa, I just scrolled up and down just to see their facial expression on all 3 pictures. ALL THE SAME. Couples.

OMG can't help it looooool especially my dad. Hahahaha. xD

Ohkay, enough of their pictures, it's my turn! 
Candid! Was blowing the escargot to make sure it's good enough for photo-taking when I eat it. LOL
This one turned out to be not what I expected. Worse -.-
So I actually had to eat another one :p

I modeled myself eating the food while she modeled herself WITH the food -.-

After our extremely filling brunch, we went to take a walk outside. *wait, why did I say a walk? Barely.-.-

But.. pictures anyway! 

The sunset was pretty stunning that day. Those of you who followed me on Instagram would know I am kinda obsessed with what I see in the sky. e.g. sunset

Embarrassed to say this but I'm going ahead anyway!
Couldn't get both the sky and the boat to be obvious enough with the DSLR.
I actually took 16 pictures of the same thing over and over but I still can't get the right one. :/

Btw, I know you must be dyingggg to know where this place is specifically??

177 River Valley Road
#02-22 Liang Court Shopping Central 
Singapore 179030

Visit it if you want, tell me what you think if you do! :D

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  1. Great pics and the food looks pretty good!


  2. Thank you! I'm glad you think so! ^-^ x


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