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Saturday, July 16, 2016

I knew I had to attend this gala premiere when I saw the movie trailer. I am a romance freak once in while when it comes to movies and I may not like to admit it but the movie "Our Times" certainly did make me a little happy inside. 

Taiwan movies have always been really into making similar movies like this and therefore, I am intrigued to see what "AT CAFE 6" has to offer.

Miss Liang's car broke down after work in a rainy night. The coffee shop owner helps her and invites her to his shop named Café 6. When he knows Miss Liang has a fight with her boyfriend that is overseas, he shares the story that happened in the summer of 1996…

At that time, Guan Min-lü and his good friend Xiao Bo-zhi always hang out together. Min-lü is secretly in love with Li Xin-rui. And Bo-zhi likes Xin-rui's best friend, Cai Xin-yi. They share the shining young days together. However, they need to face reality, can they maintain their friendship after their high school graduation?


It should be a known fact that there is always something Taiwanese movies like this want us to take away from and that include life lessons. Be it live life or life itself. This movie was no exception.

However, what surprised me was how very different the concept was in this one. The lesson I took away with this one was eye-opening, to say the least. 

This is mainly focused on long distance relationships, which, to be honest, is very relatable to me. Really showed the struggles and obstacles of being in one. 

It started off with how the main couple get to know each other and how they eventually got into a relationship.

Can I just add that this movie is also different because of the amount of maturity contents in it as well.. Haha

Initially, it really made me wonder what went wrong. But slowly, the movie will make you realise it's the people. SO DEEP. 
People change and sometimes it could be towards the same way you're hoping for or the opposite. 

"At Cafe 6" has it's funny moments, has it's sad moments. The ending though, came as a huge surprise to me. I had no idea it was going to end that way. All you need to know if you're going to watch it is to watch it with an open mind. 

If you loved watching "Our Times" and "You Are The Apple Of My Eye", it's not a guarantee that you WILL like this because it honestly has it's differences but also has its similarities. 

If you are interested to catch this, THE MOVIE IS OUT! *has been out since 14th July

If you do manage to catch it in the theatres, feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section (:

Thank you for reading!
Cheryl x

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