SUPREME Q.X BEAUTY SPA @ Pacific Plaza - [Media Invite]

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Yes, Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa has officially opened it's other outlet at Pacific Plaza. For those to have known this beauty spa name for a while now, good news for you because more options, more convenient!

I got invited down to attend their grand opening and at the same time, learn more about what they're about. I'm feeling excited to share what I've seen, heard and experienced there with you!

Basically, what they're about is to help clients feel and look beautiful from inside out. Skin is also part of an organ and they believe it has to be treated with care like how other organs should.

The one in the elegant orange dress is the founder, Icemichelle Tan. A little background story about her...
Icemichelle Tan had gone through a bad skin phase in the past like many of us. Her skin was constantly red and sensitive. Unable to find a solution, she decided to quit her job and sign up for a beauty course in hopes of educating herself to find out the cause of her skin problems and the answer to it.

And after joining the beauty industry to solve her own skin problems, Icemichelle Tan found her true calling, which is to help others find true beauty through wellness and health.

A display of BSoul products welcomed me when I entered. Dedicated in using the natural approach to achieve health and beauty, Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa is the first certified natural spa using BSoul Luxe ingredients.

In this generation, people are looking for ways to go vegan and all-natural as much as they can. You'll be happy to know that bSoul Luxe treatments comprise of ingredients using natural molecular plant-based extracts. The botanical ingredients are natural foods for the skin with strong healing activity!

A lot of technical stuff here but bear with me. If you're getting bored, you may skip to pictures to see the results of one their treatments!

Moving on...

BSoul ingredients are made 100% eco-friendly and skin friendly, free from harmful chemicals like:

- Parabens
- Petrolum
- Paraffins
- Silicones

And also.. animal lovers, they don't test on animals!

A few of us got to witness and model having her first treatment using BSoul products. It helped to bring firmness to her skin (facelift) and reduce her necklines.

Notice the difference? You can actually see that the skin on the right is still a little loose compared to how firm the one on the right is. Results shown in just one treatment.

Throughout the whole process, I could really tell how skilled the therapist was, paying attention to details and being very thorough with the treatment. You'd definitely feel safe under the hands of their therapists!

I had the chance to try out their bSoul Magic Shaping Face Treatment and I also experienced results on the first try.

My skin felt firmer than before and you can see that the laugh lines are much less obvious on the right side (after the facial). *sorry I'm no sleeping beauty 
After seeing these amazing results, you may like to try it out for yourself! 
This is pretty late but they actually have an opening promotion going on for Hormone Balance Therapy so don't miss it. I mean, look at the possible areas it could help you in...

By the way, I may have forgot to show you a glimpse of how their spa rooms are designed in a way that transports you into different space and mood. 

This is just a few of them! Aren't they all amazingggg.

If you're interested in their BSoul products, they do sell different Bsoul products at their outlet as well ranging from body care to skin care!

Major good news to my readers! Use the promo code "SQX30N" to receive 30% off on any package that you sign up for at the Pacific Plaza outlet (unless it's a promotional package or otherwise stated)

**T&Cs: Applicable to one package per customer. Management reserves the right to amend the specifications of the promotion without prior notice. Promo code is valid till 11th November 2016.
For more info on Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa -

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa's second outlet:
9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza #03-09/10 (S)228210
Nearest MRT: Orchard Station
Tel: 6736 1617

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11am - 9pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 11am - 7pm

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa's flagship outlet:
Blk 513 Bishan St 13 #01-510 (S)570513
Tel: 6358 3029

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11am - 8.30pm
Sat, Sun * Public Holidays: 10.30am - 7pm

Thank you for reading,
Cheryl x

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