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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This space is definitely getting rusty. My apologies. I have started working and whenever I have the time, sleep was what I needed. Haven't been feeling very motivated to be honest. Life has been complicated and boring at the same time. I need to find some time for this space again for sure..

On the side note, I took part in a contest in collaboration with KARMART and Sample Store. It has been exciting to be able to do makeup/product reviews on my YouTube Channel.

2 videos have been up so far for the contest and I would love to be able to get as much support as I can! I am new to this so pardon my awkward self on camera and also weird voiceovers. Haha.

Please leave a "LIKE" on my video if you can! It'll help out a bunch!

We were sent a product to review on and this is my first video (:

I got into the semi-finals and they sent us some Cathy Doll makeup for us to review on next!

Special thanks to my sister, Camelia (@cameliatay on IG and Twitter) for editing! I think the results turned out great.

Please show your support, thank you! (:

Cheryl x

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